TODAY   |  March 28, 2015

Hospital offers first Internet addiction program

The Bradford Regional Medical Program is now offering the first program for severe addicts of Internet use, which will cost $14,000 and will not be covered by insurance. The program outlines signs of Internet addiction, including neglecting family and friends, lying about use, and withdrawal from other activities

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>>> facebook, do you have an internet addiction ? you can soon seek help at the nation's first program for severe addicts. next week the bradford regional medical center in pennsylvania will begin offering a voluntary 10-day program. the cost, $14,000. it is not covered by insurance. so how do you know if you need a digital detox? here's signs of the internet addiction . they include neglecting family and friends. lying about your internet use and withdrawal from other activities. guilty anyone?

>> i'm good.

>> we're good.

>> i'm not going after that.

>> i'll be at home and i'll have the iphone in one hand and my blackberry in the other hand and ipad on my lap.

>> but are you ignoring patrick in the process?

>> he would gladly text you the picture.

>> all right.

>> mine is the buzz feed refresh at all times. i'm always refreshing twitter and buzz feed, just for entertainment purposes.

>> i don't think that qualifies.

>> no.

>> for 14 grand.

>> with no insurance.

>> when your kids are starting to show signs of addiction which i see with my kids, then you start to worry.