TODAY   |  August 22, 2013

How to turn summer sales into fall trends

Now that all your favorite retailers are offering big discounts on their summer lines, how can you capitalize on these sales for fall? Lifestyle Expert Jenn Falik shares easy ways to bring summer staples like white blazers or flower necklaces seamlessly into the next season.

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>>> the styles you do not want to miss. summer likes because you can wear them straight into fall.

>> yes. here to show us how is "in style" expert jen hallick.

>> how are you zmog.

>> great. doing a lot of end of season shopping.

>> you look great.

>> thank you so much. thank you for noticing.

>> end of season sales. it's that time of year. a lot of women i know, you go and buy something deeply discounted that you think you like for now. next summer we won't wear it anymore. you need to buy with an eye towards fall. look at the september issues, look at the trends, then you can go online. use resources like shop it to find deeply discounted things.

>> for example, the white blazer you found 50% off.

>> this white blazer, white is a huge trend we'll see for fall. we took this white blazer that we found for 50% off. and over here we have it with a coral dress. very summery dress. this is how you can wear it. layer necklaces. love the white bubble enamel neck class. then on the other side we have our fall look. we paired the exact same white jacket with this color block cami, skinny jeans, pull shoes and oversize clutch. by playing off that gold tone and warming up the whole work, the white works perfectly in fall.

>> nice.

>> thank you, ladies.

>> thank you. now next we've got another white -- oh, look at this.

>> yes.

>> now we have the crazy floral print. so dresses, just like blazers, dresses are deeply discounted.

>> you don't like that, al?

>> no, i do. it's very colorful. you can wear anything with that.

>> these are crazy floral prints.

>> like me.

>> you have that crazy print on now, that's the big thing we're seeing.

>> i'm into that.

>> you are in fashion for now and for later. these we found 80% off, these dresses.

>> wow.

>> it was originally over $300, it came in at 80. we access sore rised them. for the summer, great sunglasses, michael stars. bubble neck class from charlie charlies. a little faux fur collar. zip up cardigan jersey sweater.

>> that's fake fur ?

>> fake fur . then a fun spring bag from day bay.

>> that is fun. that's a fun fringe bag.

>> two seasons.

>>> then the last trend, leopard print.

>> i love a good print.

>> love leopard print. that's the thing.

>> it never goes out of fashion, does it?

>> never goes out of fashion. we're going to see a lot of it. this sweater we found for 50% off. sweaters are deeply discounted in august. for summer we did it with a flouncy skort. you can chase him around. she played off the hot pink . leopard works well with the bright. the hot pink purse. then to take it into the fall, red. red's a great compliment. we get the leopard top, red blazer and then black pants. they redesigned their whole pant collection so it's all about the fit. these are great fitting pants if you wear a patterned top. it works nicely together. shoes and a black bag . she's ready for the office.

>> something for the guys. we always think sear sucker, guess again.

>> you make fun of stripes.

>> yes, i like that.

>> this is al roker 's final. if you want to wear your blazer all the way into fall, you can.

>> i never thought so.

>> blazer 50% off from benobo's. how am i going to style this for fall? this is the way to do it.

>> you should have called him.

>> now you have the outfit all ready to go.

>> you look smashing. smashing. barnaby street.

>> you can wear it all year round. fantastic, jen, thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>>> coming up next, from avoiding scammers to getting the best price, what you need to know before the movers show