TODAY   |  August 13, 2013

Retired teacher completes bucket list with makeover

Our Ambush glam team of hair stylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over a 63-year-old retired school teacher who wanted an updated look to drive her new Camaro, and a 60-year-old wife whose husband gets emotional over her transformation.

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>>> all right. we are well aware, all of oh us who watch the show all the time that hoda likes to tell a falsehood on occasion.

>> what?

>> guess what else. we are discovering she's a cheat. all of the shot glasses lined up, some had vodka. others have -- water!

>> wawa! what's this one?

>> what do you have to say for yourself?

>> what's in that one?

>> this is the real deal.

>> how do you know?

>> i smelled it.

>> let me smell it. oh, it is. i have a long show.

>> where is my sorry thing. apologize to america.

>> i would like to apologize -- well, wait. i have a question. when you did the "ellen" show do you remember chugging the grape juice ?

>> i never said it was wine. right after i said, it's grape juice .

>> i don't think so!

>> that makes me a liar and a cheat, too.

>> we have a special edition of the plaza ambush makeover in honor of kathie lee 's big birthday.

>> how big?

>> two women of a certain age every day this weekend.

>> and stylist to the stars louis lacari, la, la, la, la. and jill martin, an author.

>> indeed.

>> how were the pickings?

>> raining again .

>> tomorrow it will be beautiful the rest of the week. we found two great ladies and we're super excited.

>> first up is diane peterson , 63 years old.

>> you said 63. that's the word. i heard sixty three.

>> she wanted a new look for a new chapter in her life. listen.

>> love this sign. let's get through the bucket list . lose weight. you lost 90 pounds. re tire. buy a camaro and meet kathie lee and hoda. this is on your bucket list to get a makeover. why is this important?

>> after buying the camaro oh i said i need a change in the way i look driving it.

>> you need to look really hot to drive a camaro . are you ready for a toe tall change?

>> absolutely. i'm so excited.

>> day two, happy 60th, klg.

>> you have -- we have to have a drink.

>> yeah. we have to do a shot. we said 60!

>> i don't know what's happening. she's here with sister-in-law cindy . keep the blindfold on until we give you the green light . here is diane before. and come on out. here's the new diane . isn't she lovely [ cheers ]

>> wow!

>> are you ready? take off the blindfold, cindy . [ gasps ]

>> oh, my god!

>> amazing.

>> are you ready to turn around? all right, diane . spin around. look behind you.

>> oh, my god! oh, my god! i don't look the same.

>> you look beautiful.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> look at camera 12. tell us about the hair.

>> this proves 60 is young --

>> what did you say?

>> okay.

>> come on, louis.

>> oh, my.

>> whoa! okay. 60 -- whatever -- it's working. covering gray. you know, people choose to or not to. if you want to look younger it is the way to go. the hair cut was short. richard janney made it a little chiccer. big difference is the hair color .

>> what do you think, cindy ?

>> amazing. oh oh, my god.

>> tell us about the dress.

>> i love polka-dots. this is muted especially for fall. this is by maggie london and the bracelet is bauble bar.

>> a round of applause.

>> our second lady is esther martinez . she's 66 from texas. she's been considering change ing her look. when we ambushed her on the plaza she was taken off guard but decided to take a chance. what a woman.

>> esther is flipping out. we'll talk to her husband ignacio oh. why do you want this for her?

>> it's something different that i would never imagine it would happen.

>> it did. esther , can you try to put this into words or still speechless?

>> speechless. it's a great adventure to be here and now to get picked it's even greater to be here.

>> are you ready for a new wife -- well, a different -- looking wife.

>> yes.

>> h's a smart hubby. he waited on that one.

>> okay. she's here with her husband and sister-in-law the re is a.

>> and a bunch of people.

>> three people that none of us have seen before. let's take one last look at esther before and let's bring out the new esther . yes! i'm every woman [ cheers ]

>> i love that. everybody take off your blindfolds and take a look.

>> oh! three of you have never seen you before anyway.