TODAY   |  August 06, 2013

Testing ‘as seen on TV’ summer products

We all see those infomercials and wonder if certain products deliver on their promises. TODAY consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman and one family take a look at some of the most popular products, ranking how well each one of them works.

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>>> back now with summer newest as seen on tvpructs. do ty deliver on their promises? jace set out to find out. janice, good morning.

>> ood morning. i know you lov these segment because we all want to know do ese products really work? they'rupposed toell every someday soluons, b do they ally? you need to get the jet.

>> fits in e palmf your hand.

>> the heat is on to get you to y infomercialroducts with clai that draw you in the duke family loves thereat outdoors a adms ty have been enticed to buy tv products like million of other consume in the $300 billion industry.

>> order itnd usually don't need itut it'slways fun.

>> since ty welcome great summer solutio we gave them four as seen on products to y. the magic mesh green door for 119. the water jet power washer , $19.88 the pocket hose, $12.99 and if ice cream mac, $9.99.

>> ge on?

>> yeah.

>> l's do it.

>> agic mesh opens easily and gically closes itsel behind you.

>> it promises to acts a screen door letting fresh air in and bugs out. the meshs held togethery maets. they s it up.

>> so f so good. then they gave it a real workout. so is this a good idea but bad execution?

>> it's a good idea but it's poorlymade.

>> we ask them to rate all t products from one to fiveith five being the best. this famil gave the magicesh a three.

>> is probably good for a season but i don't think of it as a long-term buy.

>> the makers of magic mesay they have done extensiveesting to ensure quali and durability and have millions o satisfied customs. they asked any unsatisfied cuomerto ctact them. next up,he pocke hose.

>> it fits i your pock.

>> hoouldn't want a kink free hose. mike liked this thing and ge it a 5.

>> it had good powerehind it. it was very flible. onc the ln w in good shape, timto clean the patio chair. a back breaking job, or is it

>> you needo get the jet. it turns you ordinary garden hose into a super power washer.

>> b does itack the right punch. it works.

>> nother winner. they gave i a five.

>> the water jetasery effective. very efficient.

>> now, you can make delicious homemade ice cream in three minute

>> and finally, go keep the kids happy and occupied. making your ownce cream may d the trick. briana, ke, and judah shook it up.

>> is good exercise.

>> and then decided.

>> it's good.

>> the gave the magic ice cream maker a 4.5.

>> it's veryiteor aot of shake but my kids like it. whateverakes tm hap makes me happy.

>> if you can wait, most of t oducts end up in retail shops and yocanave on shiing and handling.

>> buthere's hopeor humanity here. a lotf the products deliver on their promises starting wit this one right here the ice cream maker .

>> three minutes o shaking and you want to know how much you get? is much. about so a little cike that.

>> yeah andt's very soft serve.

>> ut for kids tt's not terrible. it's been sitting out a little while. that gs a prey good rating

>> use a the ingredients you want. that's nice.

>> not so mh on this. want to take a walk through?

>> sure, come fro t other de, okay.

>> well, it workedere but with a dog and a l of traffic it didn't hold up.

>> durility is your issue re. ght.

>> but tompany saidhey have done the testg. as lonas y don have 50 people going in and out that one might be okay.

>> okay.

>> i know this always peaked your interest.

>> absolutely. ve seen this on tv and if it works this is geus.

>> do u want to get the water going?

>> it doesn have a ton of power, i will saythat.

>> it depends on your water presre.

>> it'still buiing up here. it has to unravel.

>> b you don't have to constantly untangle it.

>> it'sn difrent ses which is nice.

>> the power washer . the temptatnhere.

>> pull the cord.

>> her we go.

>> i don't wanto spray everybody here.

>> hat do youink? it'sorking isn't it?

>> i give i a 4.5 as well. soroducts thatctually deliver and not a that pensive