TODAY   |  August 03, 2013

Will plastic surgery really make you better looking?

Millions of people go under the knife every year in search of a younger, fresher look. But according to a new study, plastic surgeries might not have quite the impact patients are hoping for. NBC’s Joelle Garguilo reports.

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>> but plastic surgery may not have the impact many are looking for the. here's more.

>> reporter: the quest for the fountain of oh youth is an obsession that never seems to age. don't believe it? turn on the tv. from the outspoken surgery supporter joan rivers .

>> this is a town where someone says i haven't done any plastic surgery they mean today.

>> reporter: to " sex and the city 's" samantha.

>> honey? i had a little something done.

>> reporter: and reality show fixtures like these ladies. can a nip here and a tuck there really turn back the hands of time?

>> i think 20 years might be overzealous. it's not unrealistic to turn back the clock ten years.

>> reporter: contrary to what you may think a new study finds going under the knife won't ebb exactly make you wbetter looking. 50 strangers where are asked to guess the age and rank the attractiveness before and after cosmetic surgery . no individual saw both pics of the same person. the procedures, facelifts, brow lifts or eyelid surgery. on average patients looked only three years younger with minimal changes in attractiveness. so would you go under the knife?

>> i wouldn't do it to look three years younger. i would if it made me feel better about myself.

>> when you get to my age time goes so quickly. three years is over.

>> different surgeons will get different results. overall the results are going to really be much better than that.

>> reporter: with more than 14 million americans getting some type of cosmetic procedure last year, plastic surgery doesn't seem to be going away. at the end of the day , remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder . for "today," new york.

>> if it makes you feel better.

>> beauty is in the eye of the beholder .

>> you have an issue with the marker on the face.

>> but you told me that's the doctor's guide.

>> he has no problem with the knife and --

>> doesn't want any markers on his face.

>> right. plus i don't want a doctor playing connect the dots.

>> paint by numbers, connect the dots. they always say if it's well done no one will know.

>> that's the problem.

>> what about you?

>> i don't know what you're talking about.

>> this is all me .

>> very youthful.