TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Which has fewest calories: Hummus, guacamole or ranch?

A hot dog with sauerkraut is better for you than a burger with all the fixings, and corn is less fattening than baked beans. That’s just part of what TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom reveals about how you can eat healthier at your next summer barbecue.

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>>> all right. if you do anything this summer, chances are you'll either go to or throw a few backyard barbecue feasts.

>> some of us don't like to know. madeleine fehrnstrom is here to put us to the test so that you can choose the better option. madeline, good morning.

>> we have these giant fly swatters.

>> do they make these, these are real?

>> big flies. what i'm going to do is ask you some questions and give you answers. this is the way you can buzz in, whack this. practice, whack it on there.

>> okay, ready.

>> now we're going to start.

>> ready.

>> who doesn't love a hamburger and hot dog at a barbecue? question is this, which one has more calories?

>> that was premature whacking, hoda.

>> hamburger, without question.

>> why do you say that, wheat bun and turkey burger.

>> it's a regular hamburger, 500 versus 300 calories. let's move on to dips. always dipping, but check it out, of these three popular dips, hummus, guacamole and light ranch dip, which has the lowest calories?

>> hummus is the answer there.

>> no.

>> calories, or fat?

>> calories.

>> light ranch?

>> no!

>> guacamole is the best choice, but if you want to downsize, go with salsa.

>> high fat.

>> they are all high in fat.

>> hummus is not healthier of these three options?

>> low calories.

>> same thing.

>> let's go to beer. if you don't get this one, i don't know what we're going to do. who doesn't love beer?

>> i love beer, is that the question?

>> almost. how many calories would you save if you select a light beer instead of a regular beer? is it 50, 75, or 100 calories?

>> it is definitely 75.

>> only 50.

>> definitely not.

>> carson got it.

>> i studied this. recently a study at ucla we found out light beer is --

>> take a beer for the road.

>> how come you didn't take a light one?

>> i like those extra 50 calories. i have a long walk in the airport.

>> now wine coolers . go to the corn first. let's check out some of these side dishes . one of these, okay, we have a beautiful ear of corn. one of these has 100 calories. is it the ear of corn, half a cup of baked beans or coleslaw?

>> go ahead, ladies first.

>> the 100-calorie option without butter is the corn.

>> correct.

>> how much are the baked beans ?

>> close to 200. they have sugar, sauce, everything else. let's get back to, speaking about sugar, let's take a look at some wine coolers .

>> do you remember zima?

>> yes.

>> that was weird. okay.

>> if you drank two 12-ounce coolers --

>> 24 ounces!

>> good one. how many teaspoons of sugar would you be eating, 6, 10, or 16?

>> 16.

>> it is 16.

>> wow.

>> two wine coolers .

>> this is the amount of sugar in two wine coolers ?

>> can you imagine?

>> that's, like, 20 pixie sticks .

>> last one?

>> couple more. who doesn't love potato salad ?

>> every time, i think that's the question.

>> if you ate a half-cup serving, how long would you have to burn it off, a mile is about 100 calories. would you be walking one and a half, two and a half, or three and a half miles?

>> two and a half.

>> hoda is right.

>> now it's double or nothing.

>> what about some dessert, see the ice cream we have here, how many cups of watermelon could you eat for the same calories in a one-cup serving of ice cream ? is it three, six, or nine cups?

>> do it.

>> nine, answer is nine.

>> answer is nine.

>> thank you very much.

>> carson won.

>> thank you very much! double or nothing! always double down.

>> that you get to take with you.

>> i'd rather the cooler of beer, sir, can i swap this out for the cooler of beer?