TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Summer dress trends: Florals, sheaths, and more

Chassie Post of shares how you can steal the summer’s hottest A-list dress looks, from florals with attitude to body-conscious sheath dresses.

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>>> putting the spotlight on the summer's hottest dresses. you have your florals with attitude.

>> florals with attitude.

>> yeah.

>> go girl.

>> mel as right on trend as you can see here. here to help with us with the a-list looks, our good friend the life style editor at

>> you look great.

>> thank you. so do you mel .

>> are you finished the two of you?

>> we have a lot to say.

>> let's get into these. we want to begin with the mullet dress.

>> it's also known as the high-low hem. it's perfect. if you don't know if you want to go short or long --

>> short in the front, long in the back.

>> it gives you the both. this is a great trend. we have seen it everywhere. this by bcbg.

>> i love bcbg.

>> isn't it great? and this color is the color of the summer. this is quite a look for the price.

>> do you know what mullet means in america.

>> yeah.

>> business in the front, party in the back.

>> no, party in the front --

>> no, party is in the back.

>> oh, you're right. oh my gosh i totally lost it.

>> don't question my on a mullet.

>> i couldn't pull one off.

>> let's move on to austin wearing florals with attitude.

>> floral with attitude.

>> i like that.

>> it's so much attitude.

>> work it girl.

>> so we are loving florals with just a lot of tude. it's all about big and gold sprints and this dress you'll never guess how much it is.

>> how much?

>> $42.

>> come on.

>> it's by maggie london.

>> dolce and gabana are doing a lot of floral.

>> yeah, it's just perfectly on trend. a great bag from lulus and she looks so sheik.

>> looking good. thank you very much. let's bring out jane in a skater dress. what's a skater dress.

>> do you really want to know?

>> well, it's sort of -- it's named after the shape.

>> like a figure skater.

>> yeah it's also fit and flair. so emphasis on a real waist.

>> my teenager would like that.

>> it's super cute and we're loving the bright bold colors. it's a youthful silhouette. so you want to look out for this. this dress is just $41 from express.

>> you're looking great. let's bring out shana.

>> this is my print. i love a bit of leopard.

>> mel can work a body con like no other.

>> this is a body con situation here.

>> yes, it's short for body conscious. it's about showing your curves. the leopard, this dress has totally catittude. i love it.

>> you look fantastic. our final run, olivia with the flapper dress.

>> it's all right.

>> yeah, it's sort of gastby style.

>> the roaring 20s .

>> the roaring 20s . it's taken american fashion by storm.

>> that's true.

>> so she is -- this dress is made for dancing from river island and it's really --

>> i like river island too.

>> it's great and i know, i know, it's great. to keep it looking modern and not so costumey go easy on the accessories.