TODAY   |  July 10, 2013

How teens can earn extra cash over the summer

Debra Shigley, author of the “Go-Getter Girl’s Guide,” and college student Lucie Fink offer advice on how teens can earn a little extra money over the summer, doing everything from tutoring to working in retail.

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>>> it is expensive to be a teenager these days and even though summer is well underway it's not too late for your teen to earn extra cash. deborah is the author of go-getter girl's guide. and lucy is a college student at johns hopkins university . good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> we are late in the season. if students and teens need a job how can they be creative to get one.

>> you have to approach it from the perspective of creating your own job.

>> what areas would you be looking in right now.

>> well, one great thing is lawn mowing . follow the green, cadding at golf courses . amusement parks . local businesses, catering. they always need help with doing things over the summer.

>> lucy has a great idea and told me about this in the past. you decided you were going to do online tutoring . not this summer but for several months. how did it come about.

>> i'm a tutor for a website called instant and someone posted an link a few months ago, last year if anyone is interested in tutoring online there's a great site. it's knew and i tutor students online for $20 an hour at my own home; so you're not getting rich.

>> you're not getting rich. did you have to have any teaching experience.

>> they like to see some tutoring experience but that can come in many forms. i helped my siblings in the past. i was a counselor at camp, anything like that.

>> how were you evaluated as a tutor? does this online company then look at you and evaluate your performance.

>> the stunlts evaluate you. so a student will come to you. you can two on the site and choose your tutor based on what school they go to and subjects they can tutor in and their appearance. so you feel comfortable with them and your students give you feedback and you get rated on how quickly you respond to well you tutored them.

>> $20 an hour. you get to create your own hours and do it from the comfort of your own home or you can do it anywhere you are based on having a computer. tell me about your students. who are you tutoring right now?

>> my student is -- i thought this was going to be high school kids studying for the sats and college essays and things. a lot of it is. it's ages 13 and up but my first man was in shanghai learning english as a second language . i started in september when i was abroad in london and i followed until now and i'm planning on doing it when i go back to college. it's great because i take classes. i'm sorority but when i come home at the end of the day i can tutor him.

>> earn money.

>> create a resume.

>> just spend whatever you have got. baby silting, anything, put it on there.

>> do your research.

>> a lot of programs are available flt summer programs for your state and local government . look into if there's anything like that.

>> advertise your availability.

>> a lot of these sites you can set up your own profile and let the work come to you instead of going out to get it. post on these sites. post on facebook. put the word out to your family and friends and get out there and do it.

>> be creative, be enterprising. good combination. lucy thank you as well.