TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Who knows the words to our national anthem?

Ben Aaron of “New York Live” hits the city’s streets to test the average person’s knowledge of the “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and found that the nearly 200-year-old tune was lyrically challenging for more than a few Americans.

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>> you think after hearing the national anthem over and over and over again at sports events or the fourth of july we'd have the lyrics down by now.

>> well we're going to play a patriotic game of "finish that song." let's see how everyone did.

>> the national anthem is one of america's most famous songs. unfortunately when many of us try to sing it we often sound like leslie nielsen in "the naked gun ." the ram parts we lost da da da da

>> so today i'm going to see if you know the lyrics to the national antheanthem. happy almost july 4th . what's your favorite song?

>> star spangled banner .

>> i love it. i actually work out to it. we'll see if you know the words to "the star spangled banner ." also known as -- the national anthem . i'll give you a hint with the first part. o. o.

>> say.

>> can you see.

>> o --

>> -- say -- no.

>> o say can you say by the dawn's early light?

>> proudly we bear?

>> we're so proudly we --

>> what?

>> where so proudly we --

>> what? what? what so? what so proudly we hail

>> at the twilight's first gleaming. that's not right.

>> at the twilight's last gleaming.

>> no cheating!

>> broad stripes and white stars ?

>> bright. through?

>> i don't know.

>> perilous fight?

>> so proudly we hail?

>> no. you just aguilera'd the song.

>> ramparts we hail?

>> were so gallantly gleaming.

>> oh, my heck, i'm a horrible patriot.

>> and the rockets red glare --

>> the bombs bursting in air. so say does that star spangled

>> -- banner. that waves.

>> yet. oechlt er the land of the free

>> oh!

>> and the home of the brave .

>> yeah! play ball !

>> valiant effort.

>> we really are a little illiterate and ignorant in our country? but we're adorable.