TODAY   |  June 21, 2013

ER visits from texting and walking triple

TODAY’s Al Roker and Tamron Hall chat about some of the topics making headlines, including the news that visits to the emergency room due to texting and walking mishaps have tripled since 2004, and are expected to increase even more by 2015.

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>>> i'm al roker with tamryn hall. willie and natalie are at the grand canyon .

>> are you going to acknowledge him.

>> i have pepper here. we're going to check in with willie and with natalie and pepper in just a little bit.

>> you're so calm and pepper is like --

>> well, she is so excited there's so many people to love.

>> that was a nice wet one. thank you.

>> okay.

>> well, we have a lot going on but we're starting with the news regarding.

>> the kardashian baby.

>> yes, kanye and kim apparently have a baby which we know, but the name is big news today. e news and people reporting kim and kanye named their baby girl , wait for it. north west .

>> no.

>> yes. why no?

>> hey north, how are you.

>> good dad, how are you.

>> where are you going on vacation? i'm going south.

>> it's not like kanye is a traditional name.

>> i know but north west , come on?

>> kim was on jay leno and said it was not true but they said the name maybe the name. i think they're trying to be cool like beyonce and jay with blue ivy.

>> how did you get your name?

>> who am i?

>> what am i doing here? i don't know. my parents went to college right outside of waco, they took off the c and added a t and thus it's tameron and i said earlier i used to date a guy whose last name is brown and i said if i had a kid with this man i was going to name my kid black brown.

>> thankfully that never happened.

>> for many reasons.

>> thankfully.

>> but how cool was that? black brown.

>> yeah, okay. yeah. or the second choice was yeezus.

>> that gets a little scary. i do go to church. next up.

>> parallels of air travel . check this picture. it went viral after being posted to the flyer talk. they actually ran out of toilet paper during the 11 hour flight.

>> gosh.

>> the united crew improvises by supplying napkins. the napkins read fly by the tips of your fingers.

>> so the united spokesperson did give a statement, it said toilet tissue was available for customers throughout the entire flight in more than half of the nine lavatories.

>> so for other half.

>> the other people get this. they said the flight attendants tried to improvise. they apologize for the inconvenience. have you ever had anything like that happen?

>> i have not. i must admit that's never happened.

>> i can't even imagine that.

>> i told our staff i was flying once and these little boys had gone in -- two brothers had gone in to use the bathroom before me and i had taken my shoes off. i waited behind them in line and opened the door and they had missed the mark.

>> why would you go in without your shoes.

>> i wear 9 inch heels and needed to take them off. they were like 7 and 6 years old and missed the mark.

>> wow. okay.

>> true story . it happened.

>> black brown. next topic. we hear about the warning and dangers of texting and driving but you see this all the time here in the city, texting and walking.

>> yes. you remember this video, it's from awhile back of this woman texting and literally went splat and nose dived into a fountain at a mall because she didn't notice and apparently a lot of people on a serious note are ending up in the emergency room , 1500 people in the er since 2010 . that's triple since 2004 . i'm guilty of it but i'm trying to do better.

>> i'm trying to do better as well. we were talking about 3,000 visits to the er by 2015 . ohio state university researchers found that people just talking on their cell phones while walking are less likely not to notice a clown passing by on a unicycle. when i'm on the phone i'm looking ahead and seeing everything. when i text i have fallen over small children.

>> wow.

>> but when you're on the phone you're look ago head. that's why people are pushing for the google glass.

>> that will make things much easier. now you have a heads up display while you're watching.

>> embrace technology. what are you still wearing a pager and the brick phone. embrace technology, man.

>> okay. so when you walk into a bus.

>> when i have one tooth.

>> but the google glass caught the picture of it. when you see the m-5 coming right at you. that will be fantastic.

>> i'll look like mike tyson , one tooth. okay and finally --

>> mike was just minding his own business.

>> and he walked into a joke. pepper is here because it's bring your dog to work day .

>> yeah, that's right.

>> you're so cute.

>> she is adorable. she is a rescue. she's from mainline animal rescue down around philadelphia and it's to encourage pet adorgs adopti adoption.

>> i have two dogs. one is a rescue as well. that's them on my mother's sofa and then i have the chihuahua.

>> how come you didn't bring her in.

>> you'll see why.

>> are you going in today? you have a cute outfit on, look at you.

>> did she just bite you?

>> she is a biter. she is a chihuahua and i said pepper would be cracked pepper if she came in. i'm working on it because my neighbors when they see us, everyone kind of goes oh there they are. i have a bad rep so i couldn't bring her in.

>> what about the dog.

>> funny thing happened when the al joke came but i love this bring your dog to work day and i think it's great that it encourages adopting and adoption. i've had a bird, two dogs and a cat all in one home so obviously i'm an advocate.

>> absolutely. we want to check in with willie and natalie there at the grand canyon prepping for a big event. anything nik wallenda will be the first-person to walk across the grand canyon with a tight rope.

>> with no safety.

>> the sun is up. it's fantastic there.

>> it's stunning. we got here before dawn and we got to see the sun come up in the east here and now it's coming up high in the sky. we want to show you something quickly. nik wallenda is seated with his feet hanging over the edge of the grand canyon . that's how he relaxes.

>> he is contemplating what he is going to do sunday here live which is walk this wire. it's the first of it's kind. never been done before and if you look at the dimensions of this wire, they have still yet to drape it that way. this is about 20 inches thick. willie is hanging on to it but if i put two bottle caps together, that's about the width of the wire right there hanging over 1500 feet above the ground. that's about the height of the empire state building and the length is about 1400 feet across. so about four football fields in leng. so it's going to take him about 20 or 22 minutes or so, so he says.

>> and you can see the path from here. so i'll start across. that's actually an island mesa. it sits by itself. he'll take a helicopter across when he is ready. he will begin from there and walk this way back to the land. it will take him about 20 minutes . you can see it dips in the middle. the most difficult part is in the beginning when you're walking downhill. if you can imagine doing that on a high wire but when he gets right here he will be running off this thing. this is the finish line for him. this is the home stretch. a very confident nik wallenda . coming up we'll talk more with him. he's going to let us try out our own test of skill and will here.

>> not this.

>> not this but we have this exact wire about 6 inches off the ground.

>> and black brown?

>> the special is live. is there a delay.

>> no, willie was telling the joke --

>> oh, i'm sorry. i didn't hear it.

>> no, you're right al. it is live, discovery channel , 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. there is a bit of a delay, yes.

>> like a 10 second delay or so.

>> wow. all right. we could use that here.

>> willie , i can't wait to see -- this is -- i actually think it's rivoting and he is very zen. does he stop talking at some point? what is the shut down? is it saturday before the walk on sunday?

>> you know, it's funny, he's going to be talking to us. we'll interview him a few minutes before he gets on this wire. then he goes into a zone. we'll leave him alone and let him be with his family. they'll pray together and his pastor will be here but during the walk he'll have an ear piece in and we'll be talking with him throughout the walk.

>> i'm sure he's comfortable with that.

>> he says it actually relaxes him. so he says he is willing and open to us chiming in over the course of the walk to ask how it's going.

>> he very much gets in his zone. he has been wired up with medical tests and everything. the physiology of this and his heart rate actually goes down when he is on the wire. so he really gets in like a meditative state. it's pretty wild. we can't wait to see it.

>> we can't either. thanks so much. skywire live, with nik wallenda , hosted by willie and natalie , sunday at 8 eastern, 5:00 pacific on discovery channel .