TODAY   |  June 17, 2013

Get lobster roll recipe from #1 food truck in US

Just last year the Red Hook Lobster Pound food truck held 11th place on the list of the best food mobiles in America, but this year the truck has clawed its way to number one, beating out 449 other vehicles for the crown.

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>> rolls and knock, knock, is anybody there.

>> come on in.

>> good morning to you.

>> good morning susan.

>> congratulations. are you shocked that you're the number one food truck in america. i was blind sided and thrilled.

>> last year you were number 11 and this year number 1. what happened?

>> i don't know. maybe the lobsters did something. i have no idea.

>> how hard is it working in a truck?

>> it is really hard working in a truck. it is very confined area. you have to be worried about generators and diesel and parking meters and things you don't have to worry about at a restaurant.

>> can you come down here.

>> absolutely. i have lobster rolls for you guys.

>> now we're talking.

>> they look great.

>> thank you.

>> what is special about the way you make lobster rolls as opposed to other people.

>> they're all about the lobster . we spend a lot of time in maine getting the best, fresher loster and it's about the bun. we bring our buns down from maine too.

>> you butter them and toast them.

>> right, we take the buns, you take the buns and melt butter and you put the butter on the bun just like a grilled cheese sandwich is how i tell people to make it. anyone can make a grilled cheese sandwich you can make a good lobster roll . you put the butter on the bun and grill it like this. but what we do is your broil your lobster and put all of your stuff in here.

>> all your kind of stuff.

>> you do celery, white wine , thyme, onions, let it boil for about 4 minutes . you put the lobster in and the lid on. let him rest about 8 minutes in there. take him out, you pick him. we have the tail and the claw and the knuckle which is the best part. then you take your lobster meet. i like to leave my claws hole. if you get a huge claw, you cut it up a little bit. we have a homemade mayonnaise we make. it's let me based.

>> is that a secret recipe for mayonnaise?

>> anyone can make it.

>> where are you from.

>> my family is from maine but i'm lived in d.c.

>> you're all over the city for the most part.

>> we are. we're in washington d.c. and just opened a wonderful store. so we have lobster and lemonade out there at the beach.

>> even if you mix this together on a very busy day in the summer, give me an estimate, how many of these would you sell?

>> we park our truck and we will sell 3 to 400 lobster rolls in two hours.

>> those are $16. they're a quarter pound of fresh maine lobster .

>> do you have customers that seek you out.

>> absolutely. i have one lady that must be about 75 years old and comes for pickles.

>> just get in there.

>> you just take the lettuce and put it in the bun and enjoy it.

>> the number one food truck in america. congratulations.

>> thank you so much.

>> great having you here.

>> we have much more ahead on a monday morning, but