TODAY   |  June 11, 2013

Animal frenzy! Lion cubs, penguins visit Studio 1A

Julie Scardina, animal advocate from Sea World and Busch Gardens, stops by the Fourth Hour with a few of her wildlife friends, who make friends with Kathie Lee and a reluctant Hoda.

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>>> we're back with today's " call of the wild ."

>> here with us is seaworld and busch gardens animal ambassador, julie scardina who's broad along some beautiful, beautiful friends to help spread the word about conservation.

>> i can't believe what's happening in front of us!

>> aren't they amazing? 2 1/2 months and 3 1/2 months. sisters and an unrelated male. we are so excited to have them at busch gardens . this is their debut. this is the first time that anybody's been able to really see them.

>> they're very playful obviously. is there anything to be concerned about or --

>> even at this age, they look playful and like adorable but they are strong and they have attitude.

>> careful.

>> yeah, be careful, kathie lee . those jaws are very strong. there you go. see?

>> that was fun.

>> ouch!

>> what's next?

>> we are actually having a naming contest so it will be on people can go on -- it is not a contest, it is just a poll. people can vote for their favorite name.

>> can i show this kong? if have you a dog you probably know what this thing is. it is a kong. you put peanut butter or something in it.

>> they want raw meat inside those.

>> look at the way he's looking at me. he says that's raw meat , kathie lee .

>> i want to say as strong and powerful as they are and the king of the jungle , they are in massive decline in africa. this are only 30,000 or less lions in all of africa. and we want to make sure we pass the message on that people can do, by supporting conservation organizations like the seaworld and busch gardens conservation fund and so many different projects that we support. we can help lions in the wild.

>> they're so much fun to watch.

>> they are just having a great time.

>> don't treat them like a puppy, take my word for it.

>> i'm going to grab something else while the lions are going off. this guy is from see world orlando. he is one of our ambassadors.

>> talk about attitude! they're like we were having a good time.

>> what was that noise?

>> a mating call ?

>> i've never heard anything.

>> they are actually communicating that they were having a good time --

>> we broke up the party. weird.

>> that's a lion attitude for you.

>> this is called a tagu. which is actually a lizard in south america . isn't that tongue awesome?

>> i'm not interested in it now.

>> hoda, grab is a banana back there. most people thing of lizards as being carnivorous and eating mice and other things, and he is, too, but he is om niv russ. see how he he licks it with his tongue? that gives him information. he can actually smell without touching.

>> is he going to snap it?

>> he might.

>> thanks a lot, julie.

>> hoda --

>> well, he's moving.

>> he's testing.

>> sow, that was too big.

>> he's one of our ambassadors from seaworld. he teaches people obviously about the wildlife and a lot of other countries which is --

>> we got another minute.

>> thank god it is a penguin.

>> i'm nervous.

>> he can have his banana back there. one of our most popular ambassadors -- these two are actually a mating pair. kathie lee , i'm going to put this one right in your lap.

>> of course you are. if it poos, i'm suing you.

>> hold around the chest. there we go. these two are a mated pair. they've actually raised a chick.

>> oh, good for you!

>> we were actually one of the first parks to ever have penguins --

>> we only have ten seconds. we'll give one last look at this gorgeousnimal that's on --

>>> tomorrow, "idol" winner fantasia is