TODAY   |  May 28, 2013

Cardboard bikes win invention award

The TODAY anchors check out bikes composed of 99 percent recycled material, 90 percent of which is recycled cardboard. Made by Cardboard Technologies, the bikes recently won Popular Science’s Invention Award.

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>>> we're back now with a mode of transportation that's about as green as green gets. it is a cardboard bicycle. two of them here. the spokes, rims, frames made entirely of cardboard.

>> pretty cool. the other materials include plastic bottles, pedal cranks, old car tires for wheels. and then they're varnished to protect the cardboard.

>> feels like metal.

>> it does.

>> it's actually a very heavy bike. this weighs 28 pounds. apparently can support about 500 pounds. the winner of popular science invention award apparently is the one who designed this. and they hope that this bike can actually be developed and then put out on the market for $30.

>> prototypes. they say they can make it for 12 bucks and sell for 30.

>> actually, it seems pretty good. how is that cardboard seat, al?

>> leaves a little to be desired.

>> a cushion on that.

>> yeah, hit a bump, and i'm going to see a cardboard project total gist. oh, they don't come for girls, either.

>> this is like teaching my 5-year-old to ride a bike.

>> there you go. careful!

>> ah!

>> into the camera. there he