TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

Fire up the grill for chicken with papaya BBQ sauce

Roger Mooking, host of “Man Fire Food,” shares perfect Memorial Day recipes for grilling out: marinated chicken breasts in sweet BBQ sauce and pasta salad with a green onion dressing.

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>>> in "today's kitchen," we are grillin' & chillin' this memorial day .

>> here with us, the host of "man, fire food" on the cooking channel, roger, good morning. we've got a great recipe, a chicken recipe, a lot of people will be firing up their grills. this one, tropical flavor and involves papaya .

>> it's papaya barbecue sauce on the grilled chicken . everybody loves the flavors of the sweet, sour, but not everybody wants the high concentrated sugar from ketchup. there's an alternative way to do it.

>> it all starts with the marinade.

>> the marinade is down here. so we have a little bit of coconut cream , okay? lime juice . some lemon juice .

>> coconut cream , can you just kind of -- you can buy that, right?

>> yeah, you can buy that stuff. or if you've got really good quality coconut milk , you skim off the very top part, you can use that as well. lime zest, lemon zest , garlic, ginger and some cilantro.

>> i'm liking it already.

>> oh, yeah, it's really tasty. okay? mix that up. we're going to add a few chicken breasts to that.

>> okay.

>> okay? season it with a little bit of salt and pepper . like that. and i like to just get in there with my hands.

>> yeah, get your hands dirty.

>> you know what i mean ? food is like that.

>> memorial day , get down and dirty.

>> especially barbecue.

>> where does papaya come into this story?

>> check this out. we take the papaya . we're going to cut this in half.

>> you want a ripe papaya , right?

>> stick the seeds and dump them in.

>> you got it.

>> workout, huh?

>> why do you use the seeds?

>> the seeds and the pulp. what happens, if you've ever had a meat tenderizer , it's made out of that.

>> throw that in there, too? okay.

>> we're going to mix that up. that helps tenderize the meat. truly i would do this up to 24 hours . it really helps break it down.

>> put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours .

>> it's all good. we're going to pretend we did that and move over here, okay?

>> perfect.

>> we're going to add this chicken to the grill. like so. and we're going to let that sear, just really nicely. we want to color on there. leave those seeds. they'll fall off. and actually, those seeds dehydrate them and use them for black peppercorns as well. really, really nutty, open, bright flavor, okay?

>> do you have a time on the grill? guys always worry about how long do i leave it on.

>> i like to let it get a nice sear until it wants to peel away. then i'll flip it and then i'll get to the barbecue sauce .

>> okay.

>> check this out. i have onions that have been softening in here and habanero.

>> give it a little kick.

>> a little lime and lemon juice once again. rice wine vinegar to give you a little bit of that sweetness as well as the acidity.

>> perfect.

>> some water. okay? and some sugar. i'm going to add a little bit of sugar because the papaya has a kind of open citrusiness, right? you want to offset that a little bit, okay? you can also use honey, agave, if you're looking for health benefits .

>> we're not.

>> just give it to us straight.

>> so this papaya is diced up, okay? i just took the skin off, diced it up. we're going to let this simmer for 30, 40 minutes. let it start to break down. after that i'm going to take an immersion blender , a stand blender, food processor and puree it until it's nice and smooth, okay? then by that time, hopefully i'll get a little bit of a sear on my chicken just like that. okay? and with the magic here, we have a little bit of the papaya sauce that's already been done. and pureed. okay? and you see how it's come down really --

>> beautiful color.

>> and it's tasty. it has a unique flavor, right?

>> delicious. i'm going to try this.

>> like that.

>> that is so good.

>> and we let that go. okay?

>> i love it. it does have that tanginess.

>> yeah, a little tanginess, right?

>> roger, delicious.

>> delicious. thank you so much.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you, thank you.

>> we'll be back with more of "today" after your local news and weather.