TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Exploring singer Jack Johnson’s Hawaii

Jack Johnson has traveled all over the globe but calls Hawaii his home. He talks about recording his albums in his home studio and his Kokua Hawaii Foundation, which supports environmental education in Hawaii’s schools and communities.

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>>> found out zinger jack johnson has performed around the world but you know what? this is the place he calls home and this is the place where he finds inspiration for his music. take a look. jack johnson is in his hawaii recording studio and in his element.

>> every album except for my very first one i recorded in here.

>> reporter: he's giving us an exclusive preview of one of his new songs from his upcoming album. back when all my little goals seemed so important

>> reporter: hawaii is home for jack johnson . he was born and raised here, and now he and his wife, kim, raise their children here, too.

>> the neat thing about hawaii is that you pretty much spend all your time outside, you just need a house to sleep pretty much and a lot of time out in nature. oh, wow, i hit the jackpot today.

>> reporter: for jack time in nature is time well spent.

>> protect the land, protect the ocean, protect what's righteous. if you live here it's all about giving back and making sure you're working together as a community to keep it a beautiful place.

>> reporter: that's one of the missions of jack johnson 's foundation called the kokua hawaii foundation t supports environmental education in hawaii 's schools and communities.

>> we are out here in a garden learning that food doesn't come straight from the supermarket, right? where does it come from?

>> garden.

>> gardens and farms.

>> reporter: jack credits his wife for focusing his attention on projects like this.

>> if it wasn't for her, i would just be surfing right now.

>> what's really neat about this program is it is entrenched in the school community.

>> reporter: and it's not just in schools that jack's passion for the environment can be seen. it extends all over hawaii .

>> right now we're standing in one of my favorite places on oahu farms. you meet the kids working the fields and also getting scholarships to go to college. you come here and see this is the solution. you see the answers when you come here. it's a positive place. from here all the food they harvested today is going to town restaurant, we're going to go in there and have a nice meal.

>> reporter: literally from farm to table.

>> looks good.

>> it better be good.

>> this is all from stuff you folks harvested today.

>> a hard day 's work.

>> reporter: whether making a difference or making music, this is jack johnson 's hawaii , and it's his