TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Chic Charleston style: Fashion, home décor, more

Stacy Smallwood of Hampden Clothing in Charleston, S.C., shows how you can dress like a Southerner with trendy shorts, polos and flip-flops.  She also displays home décor items such as serving trays, mason jars and decorative pillows that will make your home feel welcoming and warm.

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>>> there is such a distinctive sense of style when you're here in charleston . some people call it preppy, some people call it coastal.

>> i like it.

>> and stacy small is the local style guru. owner of the hampton clothing, great shopping, amazing, nice to see you.

>> thank you for having me, i'm excited to be here. you think of the city's heritage, it's beautiful beaches. all of that plays an influence on our style here. look at our first model. i love the pop of color in the sandals. the cobblestone streets are beautiful to look at but treacherous to walk on in heels. so next we have chelsea, he is a southern gentleman, head to toe , wearing color and i love the loggerhead poloe's wearing is american cotton and made here in south carolina .

>> i like the belt, too.

>> we'll talk about those in a minute. the little sandas he's wearing are by hari-mari, they donate $3 of every sandal sale to help fight childhood cancer.

>> go over there and be gorgeous, okay?

>> and these shows are a big deal , we've learned.

>> everything is monogrammed. we think it's about heritage and tradition, putting your family's stamp on something. you can make your own, these are by a local designer. speaking of that belt you're talking about that he's wearing. when you get your first fish, you get your first woven belt, these are about $35 from land's end.

>> i love the bow ties .

>> the colors, the prints. men aren't afraid of color down south.

>> well, real men aren't.

>> there you go.

>> we have some great lacquer trays. klg and hoda.

>> all about entertaining and having fun .

>> we always have guests coming to visit.

>> you d all kinds of stuff in those little mason jars.

>> david and marcus, from rag and bone came to visit charleston for our five-year anniversary. we hung those in trees with a candle. put a drink in these, sweet tea vodka.

>> be careful.

>> that's adorable.

>> next we want to talk about how to get a little southern style into your house. geometric prints, all of these from a local store, celadon and a little sea grass .

>> and if these go missing, i know where they went.

>> three things you can't leave charleston without? cally's biscuits. when you think of the south, you think of biscuits, these are beautifully packed, ready to ship.

>> you've got to have a little bit of this. throw in a polo with the state logo. a lot of pride in south carolina . palmetto tree, got to grab one. and wheatgrass basket. andrea brown from a market let me borrow these.

>> thank you very much.