TODAY   |  May 02, 2013

Workers get raises if they wear company logo tattoo

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including a New York real estate brokerage that has offered its employees a 15 percent raise if they tattoo the company logo somewhere on their bodies.

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>>> willie geist along with al roker and tamron hall . before we get to today's "take 3." al, huge news and a big surprise at the reveal.

>> that's right. we had three groups for "wake up with al," a dairy farm family with eight siblings living on their farm. we have a firefighter, couple of firefighters, and a teacher's aid. and you know, we decided, all three of them were really terrific. instead of just one, we did all.

>> they had no idea.

>> exactly.

>> i visualize you on the farm milking a cow, hanging with some kids, and sliding down that fire pole .

>> they don't have a fire pole . it's a one floor in louisiana. they do not have a pole.

>> i'm sure they'll put one in.

>> a pole to nowhere.

>> you'll just slide down it.

>> we should point out, you got thousands of admissions. this was not an easy process.

>> people had to go in and write an essay 250 words or less.

>> homework assignment.

>> that's right.

>> i love it.

>> that's how desperate people wanted to be on tv.

>> with you.

>> just to be on tv.

>> will you bring snacks? when you wake up, people want coffee, a danish.

>> i want the whole kit & ka kaboodle if i'm waking up with al. i want snacks.

>> me too. they've got eggs --

>> they're cooking for you?

>> well, i'm going to be milking a cow, which will be great.

>> i like this. this is fun.

>> why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

>> there it is. wednesday, thursday, friday next week, right?

>> exactly.

>> it's a saying i heard on the farm.

>> i'm sorry. i got distracted. i missed something.

>> that's coming up next week. let's get to our take three. our take one, tell us what you think about this one. skinvertising. there's a firm called rapid realty offering all the employees a 15% pay bump. sounds good, right? here's the catch, you get the 15% bump if you get a tattoo of the company'sogo anywhere on your body. you might say this is a ridiculous publicity stunt until you hear that s far 40 employees have taken the owner and ceo up on his offer and gotten the tattoo. sometimes on a hand.

>> wow. when you go to work somewhere else and you might you've now got that on your hand.

>> but you don't have to show it.

>> well, it's on your hand.

>> you don't have to have it on your hand.

>> yeah, she's got it on her ankle. bu it would be nice if we were able to work, you know, for many, many years throughout our career. but likelihood of these young people working there forever -- yeah, they're going to be moving on and you've got your company tattooed on your hand.

>> is it a permanent tattoo?

>> yeah, this is a real tattoo.

>> and tattoo removal, i've been trying to get one removed for years. it is not easy and the darker your skin, it's impossible. you're stuck with it.

>> you've got a little ink, tamron.

>> that's right. i have a little ink.

>> oh, wow. did you throw a gang sign .

>> no, that's called peace. it's a peace sign. it means i'm hip.

>> oh, you're hip? if you have to tell us.

>> you guys -- would you do it? you wouldn't --

>> not for a 15% raise.

>> what's your dollar amount? $ 1 million . if the peacock --

>> $ 1 million ? yes. and if it didn't have to be visible, absolutely. a million bucks. my price is lower than that.

>> willie's like i'm a cheap date, give me a taco.

>> we asked you, by the way, on, would you do it for your company? only 26% of you said yes, 63% say absolutely not. 11% say maybe if it was 20%. so it's the 15% raise.

>> money, exactly. it's the dollar amount. we're all basically for sale in some way.

>> weigh in on that question by kathie lee and hoda have taken charlton, south carolina , by storm. not since the union army have they braced for something like this.

>> good morning. you've got to see our crowd, you guys.

>> the college has come out, the kids have blown off final exams.

>> clearly.

>> they're all here with us.

>> we're in charleston , and it could not be more charming and the people could not be more hospitable. we thought we knew what it stood for, but apparently we're wrong.

>> wow. nice.

>> already.

>> there's an education for you.

>> $40,000 a year for this. fantastic.

>> why charleston , south carolina ? it is one of the great american cities , but how did you choose charleston ?

>> it's the friendliest city in america.

>> we try to pick special, welcoming, warm loving cities. and we just couldn't resist charleston . it's amazing. the food is crazy.

>> like nothing you've ever tasted in your life.

>> i ate, you guys, some fried mashed potatoes.

>> wow.

>> fried on the outside, inside moist and buttery.

>> amazing.

>> and then like coconut cake for dessert. come on.

>> come on.

>> i've got goose bumps .

>> we're not coming home . can you tell?

>> i wouldn't either. bring some of that stuff back. and by the way, hit east bay street, just walk up and down any restaurant you choose on that block. fantastic. coming up again tomorrow from charleston . we'll see you, ladies.

>> bye.

>> you know what's not serving fries? take three.

>> have you heard about this fishzilla? frankenfish. it is in new york city in central park . this is a northern snakehead fish.

>> allegedly. they haven't seen it yet. we haven't caught one yet.

>> this is a destructive predator fish, eats whatever it sees.

>> look at that one tooth right in the front.

>> it can survive outside the water. so there are --

>> i saw one in a cab yesterday.

>> no.

>> this fish is in the water in central park and let me just say, as a father of a 3-year-old who spends a lot of time around those waters in central park , i'm concerned.

>> the kid shouldn't get in that water anyway, period.

>> but the frankenfish could take out of the water, take your child and go back in.

>> yeah, that can happen, willie. i saw it in a movie once. you know what's amazing to me, how new yorkers are responding to this fish, but meanwhile, a 4-foot rat can walk by and it's nothing.

>> takes that rat right out.

>> that is crazy.

>> that fish eats rats.

>> and it has multiple layers of teeth. so it's jagged. but i watched a piece of chefs now preparing it. they're trying to make good use of it. it's slimy skin, hard to cut, but apparently it's tasty. it's quite tasty.

>> really?

>> yes, it's like a lawyer. quite tasty, so if you get it, don't throw it back in,ou take it home, filet it up, you know.

>> it's our next cooking segment with giada.

>> i'm like filet it up.

>> which animal freaks you out the most? if you came face to face ?

>> rats. mice and rats.

>> i think a rat.

>> i can handle snakes. lizards, all that, rats -- just scare me.

>> so when you stand on the subway platform and you're seeing a parade of rats.

>> and the whole time with my camera, look, this is what they have in new york city .

>> they're just prairie dogs in