TODAY   |  May 01, 2013

Jackson family: Promoters called Michael a ‘mess’

The Jackson family, who are suing concert promoters AEG over Michael Jackson’s death, produced an internal email in court in which the CEO of AEG called Michael “an emotionally-paralyzed mess.” NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> testimony has started in the civil trial over who was ultimately responsible for michael jackson 's death. his family blames concert promoters for allegingly failing to protect jackson 's health by hiring a doctor they say was negligence. nbc's mike is in l.a. for us.

>> reporter: dr. conrad murray is, of course, still in jail following his involuntary manslaughter conviction for giving michael jackson the fatal dose of propofol. the this trial is whether murray alone is responsible for jackson 's death. the first witnesses talked about how jackson died. saying the pop star flat lined and unresponsive and so thin he could see jackson 's ribs. as to why he died? because the jackson family alleged concert promoters aeg live insisted the show must go on. the comeback concerts were about to begin, even though they knew he was in terrible shape under dr. murray care. they produced an internal e-mail who wrote, this is the scariest thing i have ever seen. he is an emotional paralyzed mess riddled with self-loathing and doubt now that it's show time . the family's contention --

>> in fact, aeg is partially responsible for what happened to michael jackson and they're responsible because they paid for this doctor, they controlled the situation and they pushed michael.

>> reporter: aeg denies any liability and says the company neither controlled nor chose dr. murray . defense attorney marvin putnam told the jury jackson 's tragic death was not a traj dif aeg 's making. and if the defense brings up jackson 's old molestation trial, jackson 's attorney will testify that it will hurt a. aeg .

>> it's irrelevant, it will backfire. if it was that bad, why did you enter into an business agreement with r with him.

>> reporter: it will be a short court day today. just a morning session. lapd detective will finish describing what he learned at the death scene about the evidence and about dr. murray .