TODAY   |  April 16, 2013

Marathon bombing witness: ‘I saw bodies flying’

Boston Globe senior sports reporter Steve Silva was covering the Boston Marathon yesterday when he caught the explosions on tape, and finish line coordinator Tom Meagher ran to the aid of a fallen runner. The two men talk about the tragedy they witnessed.

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>> steve silva is a senior sports reporter for "the boston globe ." he was covering this marathon as he has done so many times in the past and he caught the explosions on tape. in that video you can see marathon official tom maher coming to the aid of a fallen runner. guys, nice to see you. you watched this through your lens. what was it like?

>> it was surreal. the immediate split second a loud, dull thud. i thought a cannon celebration for a runner coming across, but as we got closer and 12 seconds later we heard the second explosion.

>> i spoke to someone last night at the first explosion there was confusion and the second explosion there was chaos.

>> that's when it set in and you saw the scene as we got closer to the fence and it was just on the other side of the partition and could you see the blood and some horrible things there.

>> there is that video that you took that shows a runner falling to the ground, being aided by a man who happens to be the man standing next to you, tom. you know, a lot of people when they heard the second explosion they ran away. you ran in the other direction or tried to help out. what did you see first?

>> i was walking toward exeter street to see one of the officials and diagonal, maybe 20 yards from the front of that lens crafters store and horrific blast moved me to my left, i thought i was going to fall down. i did not. as i turned i saw a wave, a huge wave of smoke and blast coming at me and i actually saw bodies flying, moving around, uncontrollably.

>> you've been a volunteer at the finish line , a coordinator there for 17 years. did anything seem different about yesterday? did you notice anything suspicious, anybody that seemed out of place?

>> no, nothing at all.

>> steve?

>> no, it was very, unlike last year when the heat was the big story , it was a perfect day for running. this is in the afternoon when all the charity runners are coming, the people running for dana farber , the river foundation, because they've lost a family member, people that don't run marathons and used to coming across the line with emotion. about 9,000 were stranded out on the course when this happened.

>> the images are dramatic. i appreciate you joining us this