TODAY   |  April 12, 2013

Hottest Hollywood headlines and hashtags

Nina Terrero, NBC Latino’s entertainment editor, shares all things new and noteworthy in Hollywood, from Bethenny Frankel opening up about her divorce to Rihanna’s new Instagram photo with Chris Brown.

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>>> this morning on "that's a wrap" from hot headlines to hashtags we have a roundup of all things hollywood. mina is "today" editor and nbc latina, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> hollywood headlines getting a lot of attention, right from bethany frankel opening up about her divorce, saying it is the most difficult thing you could ever go through. she's known for her honesty and been open about the process.

>> she and jason first announced their separation back in december and they filed for actual divorce in january, and she's now come out saying that she's so upset about this divorce that it's the most nerve-racking, painful thing she's ever been through. when people across the country, they can relate to that. she's always been the girl next door and has a new show coming out, a talk show and even though she's going through something painful like this, it will make her more relatable.

>> her daughter brynne has been her saving grace .

>> she was open about the fact she wanted that perfect family because she didn't come from a great great child and 2-year-old brynne is at the center of her universe.

>>> jane fonda making headlines again telling critics to get a life. why?

>> jane is not afraid to speak her mind, she'll be playing nancy reagan in "the but tler" and conservatives are saying she shouldn't be playing the first lady. controversial scenes were taken out but at the end of the day the attention is on the movie as a whole. there will be an all- star class including terrence howard , robin williams and oprah. if oprah is going to be in the movie people will go see her and the criticism about jane fonda will be a tail end to the story.

>> she is a phenomenal actress, too, she'll play any part really well.

>>> brad paisley and ll cool j have been making headlines with the song of theirs "accidental racist." paisley says it is not perfect, but it's honest, but we're not talking, he's not backing down here on the criticism of the song.

>> exactly. he was on "the tonight show " earlier this week defending the song. he said he wanted to create a conversation and i think that for what it's worth, it did.

>> it certainly did, sparked a lot of conversation.

>> we can't necessarily mention some of the moments made, a little too racy for morning television but he's not backing down opinion inside scoop, he and ll school j recorded another single, and it's a love ballad . i heard it myself yesterday and it's super sweet, not controversial at all which makes me think they got together to make good music.

>> they say they're really good friends.

>> exactly.

>> we could hope for more from them.

>>> hat haot hashtags, the instagram photo seen round the world and heard round the world , chris brown and rihanna, looks like there was talk about them being i guess off but now it looks like they're on again.

>> let me tell you, natalie, even the most passionate of fans of these two cannot keep track what's going on, they on again, off again. on monday rihanna said i don't understand love, i don't know what's going on. she was just one of the girls being honest about her love problems and then we see a snapshot of the two of them on instagram looking happy, having some fun in the sun and as of now they are together but tomorrow who knows.

>> okay, their relationship seems to be on and off all the time.

>> exactly. next "the real housewives of beverly hills " brandy glanville is showing us a side we don't get to see after the laser treatment.

>> she had a skin condition that caused discoloration. she was honest she had laser treatments done and this is just a way for her to take control of the conversation, put an end to the rumor control and at the end of the day her face is her business. she's going to do whatever it takes to look good and if that requires a nip and tuck, a little laser she's going to do it and power to her.

>> seems like she has. she's owning it, red face and