TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Hoda gives away niece’s book for baby shower

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb attended a baby shower for contributing correspondent Jenna Bush Hager last week, and since Hoda didn’t have a copy of her favorite baby book to give, she just grabbed a book her niece Hannah left at her apartment.

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>>> it's the day you've been waiting for. wines daye wednesday.

>> i learned something else. they don't do any drinking on this early.

>>> what the heck is the point of that?

>> this is a new way to drink wine as if you needed another one, in a zips case. you have your choice of crimson red and quartz white.

>>> is this glass?

>> no, it's plastic.

>> that's neat.

>> yeah.

>> i'm not going to, because i have a holy man in our midst today.

>> yes, you do.

>> one of my good friends and one of the greatest writers in the world of faith, just writing in general is max lacada, he's with his son-in-law here. he's somewhere. but max, you and i met max, we talked to him when we had just read one of hess books, we were in san antonio .

>> so it must have been four years ago.

>> you read the first line and went, i'm in. he's got genius for that.

>> there are certainly people who can string four words together and you feel emotion right away, and you go, how did he do that? max is a guy like that. he.

>> he's become a good pal. he has a new book in the fall, called "you'll get through this" right, max.

>> that's right.

>> we can't see you but you used the story of joseph and the amazing tick any color dream coat.

>> congrats on the book. we look forward to it.

>> you know what i love so much about max? he's a preacher, but he doesn't preach at you. he just loves you. we need more of that.

>> topic number one.

>>> what can you do for lindsey, max?

>> she acted as if she had been caught off-guard by some of the questions dave was asking. i guess often they have pre-interviews. she kind of got emotional, but they also had some fun. let's take a listen.

>> lindsay lohan was on the "today" show today. the appearance went well. only one camera was missing.

>> that would be a lot.

>> the cafeteria in the court has named a sandwich after you.

>> they don't let you eat there.

>> she punched a psychic in the nightclub right after the psychic told her you will soon punch a psychic in the nightclub.

>>> well, she seemed to be handling things well there.

>> yeah. it changed a bit throughout when he asked what she was addicted to, and she said we didn't talk about it in the preinterview and he asked another question and she sort of seemed --

>> a little put off.

>> what do you think?

>> what we're not showing is what she said later, listen, i've learned my lesson, i'm only happy when i'm working, but that makes it sounds like she's been on this solid good path for a while now, and yet just last week we were reading about her some brazil under a table with scratched up legs because of her -- bloody -- you know, here's the thing. this is still a child. she's a grown woman, but she still thinks and acts lycra child does. because i think -- i'm not a psychiatrist, but i've raised kids. if my kids were acting that way at their age, you would know something in them did not develop properly. somebody's got to get ahold of her and i said it for years, before we read about her, she's gone, and everybody will say, somebody who was close to her should have done something. yeah, you know who you are, so do it.

>> she does keep saying i'm happiest when i'm on the right path.

>> but then she sabotages her work ethic.

>> it sounds as if it's the same old song.

>> plus she's going on letterman. if you are thinking about turning the beat around, maybe that's not the stop you would take.

>>> this is something i just don't understand. number one, if you really want help, if the judge said i'm putting you in rehab, i would say put me in tomorrow, i want help. put me in tomorrow. but the courts say -- you're going to have three weeks of rehab, three weeks until we send you to rehab. you know how much damage keg done in three weeks?

>> right.

>> if she needs it, go.

>> yes. i like your earrings, by the way.

>> when hoda zones out.

>> no, no, no, a friend of mine told me often when women are talking, they think about something else going on.

>> that's a daily thing with you.

>> i know.

>> i'm going to chalk it up by being exhausted. you're mine again, don't even let matt think you can have him again. by the way, you were sensational.

>> if they just had vino.

>> we love savannah.

>> her mom was having surgery, and we wish them the best.

>> speaking of our lady friends.

>>> we went last week, we weren't allowed to talk about it, because it was going to be a huge thing in "people."

>> jenna bush hager is pregnant, having a baby, and we had a baby shower that megan organized and did a great, great job, and there it is. there's her husband henry.

>> who's a doll. we just expected a bit more than this huge thing we had to keep quiet for a week. so we're grateful, don't get us wrong.

>> peter callahacallahan's, by the way f. catered the events. we're such a joyful group. i gave one that hannah left behind in my apartment. bring your favorite children's book. i have running -- my god, where was " curious george " and i realized hannah left one, and it was the dr. seuss.

>> and your other baby took a bow today. blake was here. that bloke blake showed up.

>> he did. he was very cute. he came in, because we did a piece on naming your dog. this is a bizarre story. there was a family on a united flight , i think to d.c.

>> from denver to baltimore, yeah. the in- flight movie came on. you know how the screens drop down. they had young kids. the movie that was in the screen was " alex cross ".

>> which is pg-13, which can be very rough by today's standards.

>> so the mom was upset.

>> she has a 4-year-old and 8-year-old.

>> so the opening scenes were scary. she asked the passengers around her and can we threat put the screen up so my kids donnell don't have to be looking at this while on a plane, and the flight attendant said no.

>> i said, can the captain override this? does he have authority? who knows what happened. it's all alleged. an hour later the plane was diverted to chicago.

>> for security reasons.

>> because there's -- cops boarded the plane.

>> they grabbed -- i don't want to say grabbed. they took the family off the plane.

>> and put through a background check and interviewed by an fbi agent before being rebooked to accommodate them, united said, on another flight .

>> breaking news action united has a statement that we've heard is in our teleprompter, plane was diverted after the crew reported a disturbance involving a passenger. the flight landed without incident. the passengers were reel removed. we accommodated the passengers and have since conducted a full review of the in- flight entertainment. that's the statement.

>>> which i think is -- yeah, what else is new? who knows what really happened?

>> it was a disturbance, you wonder. the family is saying they didn't raise their voices.

>> you know what? we have our producer tammy, i don't even know if --

>> she says no.

>> too bad, too late. tammy said she's seen this movie, watching it on a plane, and she agreed. she has children. if your kids had been with you.

>> i would have been horrified. it's not something for children to watch.

>> plus on a flight anyway, why are you showing a bang-up movie.

>> the customer is always right unless they're completely drunk and ripping off their clothes, you know? if a family is trying to protect your children, it behooves you to try to help protect their children.