TODAY   |  April 08, 2013

‘Ready for Love’: 3 guys search for ‘the one’

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb chats with Eva Longoria, executive producer of new reality show “Ready for Love,” which is giving three eligible bachelors a shot at finding a soul mate, and meets the three guys who are ready to settle down.

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>>> back now at 8:37 with eva longoria , a golden globe nominated actress and activist and now adding executive producer to her resume with nbc's new dating show , it is called "ready for love." take a look.

>> tim , a proposition i'd like to trade some of your sleep time and attention for a private piano serenade.

>> well, well, well, eva longoria good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we've been waiting for this show.

>> i know.

>> you were talking about this a couple years ago. you brought the guys on.

>> a year ago to the date we announced the show here on the "today" show to announce who the guys were, we wanted america to know them.

>> how excited are you? this is the big launch.

>> i know, i'm busting at the seams.

>> like a mother giving birth.

>> yes, i really am excited. we've finished filming and so for me i'm just like hurry up, i want it to air. everybody's been waiting for it and seeing it everywhere.

>> there are a lot of reality shows and sad news, the breakup, on the papers, in the cover of " us weekly " whatever. you think these guys are really ready. explain the concept.

>> you've met them, they're amazing human beings . we were lucky to get three amazing guys but the format lends it more authentic like the modern dating show , professional matchmakers. the girls who come on the show already know who the guys are so there's no, you know, i want to be a reality star. i'm looking for love . what's his name? and so the format uses all the modern technology that we use today, the internet.

>> well the hosts of your show, juliana and bill ransick great choice, why those two?

>> they're the epitome of a great couple, they're funny, they're great with the guys and girls . bill will say something and juliana goes no, that's not how you do it.

>> very, very authentic. we should bring the boys out. come on out, guys. will you introduce them to me?

>> this is ben. tim lopez.

>> the singer.

>> and this is ernesto .

>> oh, i know for a fact this one finds love. okay, i thought the concept was interesting. first of all in the very beginning there are five girls you don't see, you just hear their voices. how difficult was that to eliminate somebody you're not even looking at?

>> you know, it's difficult, but the idea was you wanted to choose somebody you had compatibility not just attraction.

>> you guys all had some fun things behind the screens.

>> what happened?

>> we had to ask the girls questions and sometimes some awkward questions, put them on the spot and got some random responses.

>> are you really ernesto looking for love on a reality show , do you really think that's the place to find it?

>> well i'm looking for love in my life so the way, shape and form that it shows up, it's irrelevant. so if it's on a tv show , fantastic. the opportunity to work with the matchmakers was what really drew me into the show. these guys are amazing.

>> tell us the roles the matchmakers play. are they helping the girls ? are they helping you?

>> both.

>> both.

>> they also help, are going to help the public, like when they're watching, wouldn't you say?

>> absolutely.

>> there's so many takeaways, they'll tell the girls what they're doing wrong, you talk way too much about your ex-boyfriend, and they'll come to these guys and say get out of your own way, think outside your box, look at this quality. they're amazing.

>> when you're looking at someone you're obviously drawn to someone, there's chemistry but you want something that's going to last longer. are you able to find those important values and qualities?

>> absolutely. it does take a little bit of time. you can't decide that first week or within the first three weeks who it is but you can as you guys experience yourself together and the match makers really do help and that's the best part, america will be able to apply what they learn to their own lives.

>> looks are going to fade. you're really looking for someone like you said could you spend the rest of your life with.

>> you're in a rock band a lot of people know you. are you able to weed through the girls looking for more of a fan person?

>> yes, i think i did a good job.

>> really, eva, are you proud of all of them?

>> i'm so proud of all of them. america is going to fall in love with them and just very entertaining show. i love relationship shows.

>> i look forward to it. good luck. we can't wait to see how it works out. eva longoria is the executive producer. thanks to ben, tim and ernesto and in our fourth hour you're coming