TODAY   |  April 02, 2013

7 beauty products you can play with

Elaine D’Farley of Self magazine shows off seven items that prove beauty products can be fun as well as functional, including hair chalk, moldable soap, and nail art pens.

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>> al, thank you. this morning on "today's beauty" products you can play with. while most women have outgrown barbie there's no rule that says you can't have fun with your makeup. here is the beauty director of "self" magazine, elaine good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we love to play with your makeup and there's a lot to play with.

>> there's a lot to play with, at "self" we believe beauty shouldn't be a burden and should be fun. the products are easy, goof proof. this is a new blush from maybelline, it's a gel and cream formulation and when you touch it.

>> it's bouncy like a sponge.

>> it's foolproof, buildable color, add as much or little as you want, all of the colors have ten shades and they're sheer.

>> this almost looks like candy. this is bronzer.

>> this reminds me of candy and has euphoral in it, an anti-oxidant which increases endorphins, not only makes you feel happy but look happy.

>> i like the colors, fun. over here this keeping with that theme is a blush stick.

>> this is from benefit and you can use it for your cheeks or your lips. i like it because it's foolproof. it's a great weekend update fresh look.

>> very moist.

>> very hydrating, it's nice.

>> what about over here?

>> this reminds me of a glue stick . keep it on your desk and it's not sticky. it has almond oil . for your hands, cuticles. it's a great thing to just wipe on your nails when you're on the phone, conference call , off you go and it will keep your manicure perfect.

>> probably good for kids if they have chapped skin or if you have chapped skin.

>> i love it and think it's super cool .

>> okay and then now a lot of us with kids probably remember painting our nails with a marker. now there is that in real life for adults.

>> these are from sally hansen. nail art is really big and it's a great way to update a basic manicu manicure. you can take these and draw on your nail and like a little heart or whatever.

>> does it last as long as regular nail polish ? regular enammle?

>> it's regular enamel in a pen form.

>> makes it so easy.

>> she drew those on there.

>> very cute. okay, this sort of looks like chalk but it's for your hair.

>> yes, this is like sidewalk chalk but it's actually for your hair and you get it a little bit wet.

>> if you want to look like you have pink highlights which do you.

>> isn't that fun and you can wash it out.

>> to match my dress, i'll take the blue. of course i'm not going to get it out.

>> i'm going out with my husband tonight --

>> a little rocker. this will probably be here tomorrow.

>> no, it will come out. you can set it with hair spray or wash it out. looks super cool .

>> i am i'm a little funky edgy now. this is actually soap but it looked like play-doh or modeling clay .

>> it's shampoo and bubble bath . you can do everything with it.

>> kids must love it.

>> and they give 2.5% of the proceeds to develop outdoor activities for children which i think is great.

>> that's great. you can find this anywhere?

>> this is from lush cosmetics and it's called fun.

>> it is a lot of fun. does it smell good? smells good, too.

>> we're saying to treat yourself and go to for more information and don't let beauty be a burden.

>> you do look good with