TODAY   |  March 24, 2013

Erica Hill doesn’t win lottery, hands out Lester’s cash

“I borrowed it from Lester. I didn’t think he’d mind,” said TODAY’s Erica Hill of the twenty dollar bills she handed out to cast and crew on TODAY Sunday, after she found she did not have the winning Powerball ticket.

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>> who didn't win the lottery.

>> you didn't win?

>> no, i didn't play.

>> you didn't win? eric? some for you.

>> jen.

>> did you win or is this random money?

>> hey.

>> i borrowed it from lester. i didn't think he'd mind, because we didn't win, so i thought he would want to give everybody something. you know what i did with yesterday's tickets?

>> you know when most people don't win, they rip them up. lester is, like, let me keep these.

>> bring them the next morning.

>> these are from the pool we had.

>> did any of these hit?

>> none of them won. you saved yourself five bucks. show us the frustration.

>> yes, there you go!

>> there's always next time.

>> with energy.

>> somebody did win.

>> someone did win.

>> just not sitting here.

>> won big. maybe they won with other people. the sixth-largest jackpot in powerball history. we do know that ticket was purchased not too far away, in new jersey. so someone in the studio may have won. they're just showing up to throw us off.

>> definitely not the three of us.

>> the winning number, there they are. 17, 29, 31, 52, 53, and the powerball number 31 . so there's an apb out in new jersey.