TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

Apps, gadgets to keep you safe on spring break

Kathleen Baty, the “Safety Chick,” shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb a few smartphone apps that will keep you safe if you run into trouble while on spring break, and shows how to be secure in your hotel room with a peephole cover and portable alarm.

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days. . back onhis try-day iday, wi more of "day." sandy beaches, wm waters and tropalrinks bkon thousands of college students to spring break. but you also want them to play itsa.

>> ere wh advice andadge all of us can use before we pack our bs ishe safety ick, kathleen baity,he author o "college safet 101" miss indendence guide to empoweent, confidencend staying safe.

>> what's more importanthan no when everybody is packing their bags.

>> absolute.

>> ood to see u, kathleen.

>> a lot of things kid d and grn-ups do is tweet or facebo or instagram, i'm getting er i'm here. andhe problemith tha is thieve criminals know tt ople a out of town for lg periods of me. i can' tell you t numr of people've heard of tt he had their houses, com home to their houses being complely clned out. because th neighrsreople sing the neighborhood w they were gng to be gone.

>> so don't do that.

>> let's talk about must-have ap. focolle kids ornyone going away. one othe first ones is called emgency-see.

>> this is one of th best safety apps i've seen out there. and th reasonis there a lot of trking. whas happening?

>> what's hapning i --

>> if i am in dangernd this i ony cell phone , hit a button and it goes to my emergency contacts by text and email and mmediately starts streang video live video, live audio of where i amnd i srt g trking mso that he isn the y.

>> and there a milon ces on thatcreen as well.

>> exactly. and at's the thing, there aren any oer apps out there that know of that do the immediate streamg. it's so vital, te i of the essence.

>> talk out ice stanrd.

>> i love t concept as we all do, of putting yourmergency contacts uer yourhone under e cronym i.c. this is an app you can put object yr lock screen and see the color coding at the top. so as you scrl througou ll in what uryour -- i'm lerg to coatg, so mine goes from re from green to yeow t red. yellow is a heah iss red is st and this i for first responders. ain, time is of the essence , they wt t knowhathey' dealing th.

>> there's an app that you lik for foreign travel.

>> ts is m-sspo. the eat ing about it is whatever feign country you're in this tellsyou, via gps wherehe csest emergen room , pharmacy, all tha a they're vett, ty're not just ndom.

>> now allf these apps are great. buif your phone is not charged, and it happe a lot when you go overseas -

>> hello,hoda.

>> this is one of the great phone arge. it's made by luna, and game d hasem. anit charges you cl phone three times. especially with the ione 5. those batteries drain quicker. th for sure chaes your batteries three times. which forostf e other chargers, ey're t a stro.

>> tell us about if you'r worrd aut pping toms in your room.

>> we all remember the erin drews sue, right?

>> yes.

>> and this is a peephole reverse viewer. 2 on the intern.

>> wha happens? i canook through here and see into your ro. privacy logic came up with a grt, they'pehole covers.

>> well, a towel on your door. tape doesn't always stick.

>> the are $9.99, they come in a twpack, you canop them on and take them f.

>> hotel doors aren't safe. at's wayo make sure you stay locd . the locks are flimsy. these are dooredge alarms that youan put underour door that makes theoor hard to on and it has a 12decibelarm to notify you.

>> tse a all on yr bsite?

>> s. she's like the female james bond .