TODAY   |  March 15, 2013

4 ways you can deal with life changes

Career coach Maggie Mistal and author Cali Williams Yost say that sometimes major life changes are inevitable, but you can deal with them by carving them down into small, deliberate actions, setting aside time for weekly reflection, and keeping a calendar that has all your “to do” items in one place.

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>>> losing your job we're all fac changes th can turn our wld side-dn. how do you thrive whenaced with a life-altering evt.

>> careeroach had a preture babyhilen vacation. that game-changer forced her and her fily to temporarily relocate t anoer state. and cally yost is a author of the newook called "tweak it" make wt matters to you hpen every day. "tweak it." like that.

>> setimes tre is this, tell us aut your life change. you we on vacatn and - i'm aew yorker. we were down visitingy in-ws and 've done thelorida keys, actually. flora keys retreat every year. i'm ving a baby so i want to go early. how far along were you in your pregnancy? 27 week we g down to florida, we wer planning to stay -12 day and thre four days i i started to have complications. and i nto a hospital in miami and they said, you're not goinanywhe another few days i h t baby.

>> now the baby is 2 years old and thrivi.

>> thank god.

>> those have been tough years.

>> i'msu. the difficult stuff- a big change

>> nd h fit in my hand. he fit right here.

>> and when there's a big, big life change like she had, there'some, there are certa thingshat obviously your world gets tned inside t. it's hard toind any normalcy, isn' it

>> yes. in ft wt maggi and her huand, craig, figed out is when you gohrough a big chae like that unexpectedly, you have to becomeourwndvate and you reall loo to the routine that gets you through. so how do yo p contr around something that feels like chaos in a big life transition. youant to focus on the small every day scesses or eaks, that build a foundation of well being and order. so you want to -- you want to harness the power othe smau things t get through the big thgs. what did yo do? what kind of thing kin of helped you alon

>> cly w t first person caed after evebody in our mi. wee going to hereor a il

>> id ty tell yoyou'll be in for a long haul.

>> they said his due date,hich s three months. husbandnd botfreelance soe could work, but i had a radio show and cal said,an yo it remotely i went backwo weeks after i had the baby and seeopl were shoed by that. for mes cally said, it restored some sort of normalcy to the routine and iave me somethinelse to focus on. because havi a baby in that situation is so intense and u'reotn control, the's nurses and doctors in control. it made a difference, that kind of tweak to do theshow.

>> ometimes if you take your eye ohe main problemou're notaying aenon to it, sotime the lite things, to make you feel a little stroer.

>> you carve out those small actionso lk ahe areas in your life th are meaningful to yorigh now. anhen break those into activies and actns that y can put intohe next seven days. so for exame, with ggie, she wanted to focus on her j and sheookedt how she could do h radio show rotely a be the for h son. and th small actionhe took was find a radio boo sheould trsmit from. and also she has angnel that she put in rcercribo she ulbe wh him, but not when she couldn't actlly physically be er

>> that's psychogical it ma a huge difference, you're still holding onto it, s obviouslit mnt a lot.

>> to go thrgh tt situaon with the first child, you want to be there 24/ and i think my husband and iouldave ep next to his crib if we could. but this helped. peoe going thrgh vorce, are thereome abs?

>> yes. the fir igainreak it into small tweaks you can putn the next ven-da perd and keep a lendar, all of your toos in one place, we teno keep our worknd our persol calenda separate. keep what you want to do at work, in yourersonal life, your family a in oplace, you can see aap of what you're tryingo accomplis

>> don'teat yourself up ifou don't accomplish all of them.

>> just reflect and know what you ednd then keep doing . ay. ladi.

>> mercer is doing grea

>> yes.