TODAY   |  March 14, 2013

Hollywood happenings in gossip, TV, music

E! News’ Jason Kennedy stops by to fill Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in on what’s happening in Hollywood. Topics include new movies coming out on DVD, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore teaming up for their third romantic comedy, and a new season of “The Voice” premiering March 25.

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>> what?

>> you wrote his character.

>> i didn't write it, okay? i'm just reading it. all right, i'm ready.

>> yes, it's okay, it's not about the cost, it's about his character, and the conversation.

>> and where that conversation can lead, huh?

>> yeah.

>> whatever.

>>> we're back with more of "today" on this thirst-day thursday, hoda is going crazy over this song. time for the weekend chatter, everything you'll need to know in the world of entertainment.

>> here with the scoop is our dear friend and e-news correspondent.

>> our baby brother , jason kennedy .

>> let's get started with the movies for the weekend. what shall we see?

>> how about "the call"? with halle berry . she plays, pretty scary, she's a 911 operator , she gets a call from a teenaged girl, abigail breslin . that's one, she spends the hour trying to save her from her abductor.

>> we're leaving out "wonderstone." if you want to lighten the mood and go to the box office , they pay competing magicians.

>> is it funny?

>> it looks cheesy, but --

>> that's my concern. it looks a little cheesy.

>> if you're going to stay home and pop the popcorn, what should we watch?

>> a lot of this stuff coming out, have been nominated nor oscars. visually stunning, it didn't win an oscar. by i thought it should. ang lee directed this. and "hitchcock" his relationship with his wife while they were shooting "psycho."

>> was it "psycho"?

>> i think so.

>> if it was, i want to see it.

>> and "life of the guardians" an animated movie , an all-star cast. they team up and take down an evil man who is trying to steal kids' dreams.

>> can i tell you what i'm addicted to on netflix? " house of cards ." i watched 13 episodes. i'm done.

>> it's so good.

>> that's how you do it.

>> i'm learning, i'm learning.

>> you know hoda when she falls in love.

>> celebrity news, adam sandler and drew barrymore are teaming up again.

>> it's the " wedding singer " 1998 the first time they got together, and then they did "50 first dates." the third romantic comedy for them doesn't have a title, but they play a couple at a family resort. they get trapped there with their kids from a previous marriage. i think it will be fun.

>> kyra has a beautiful picture with that baby.

>> i love that she's doing this. because many times when celebs don't do photos like this the paparazzi go to crazy measures to get the shots. there's gerard pique , her man. he's a soccer player. and the little guy is rocking daddy's jersey.

>> "the voice" is getting ready to start.

>> your favorite show. and shakira is gearing up to be a judge.

>> blake shelton .

>> it will be a good season with the two new judges, right?

>> yes, and usher as well. no cee lo , no christine aguilera , she's great. but it's going to be, it's going to be good. i think this is going to be the best season. that's what they say every year. but i heard it's going to be pretty phenomenal.