TODAY   |  February 25, 2013

Brothers search for wedding dates on Craigslist

When Dave and Mike, two single guys in their 20s, were told by their cousin that they had to bring dates to her wedding, they took her joke seriously, hitting Craigslist to drum up dates and getting over 1,000 responses.

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>>> no one likes going to events like the oscars or weddings alone. two brothers have found a creative way to find dates. dave and mike, we'll call them, because that's their names, posted this creative ad on craigslist. more in the background here. there's this wedding. the bride is your cousin and she doesn't want you harassing the other guests if you guys come alone. she says you must bring dates, right?

>> smart. very smart.

>> so you would have harassed the other dates?

>> she knew us well.

>> it's a big assumption but we're going to agree with her.

>> you're two pretty normal guys from what i can figure out over the past few minutes here. no girls came to mind in your lives that you might have thought, okay, we'll bring them?

>> that's not entirely true. we thought of two girls we wanted to bring. they're actually sisters we grew up with. they're both the same age as us and we thought these would be the perfect wedding dates. we had crushes on them.

>> beautiful, funny girls .

>> what happened?

>> well, the younger of them, who is mike's age, is actually in uganda, volunteering at a clinic. so she wouldn't be able to make it back in time.

>> that's a problem.

>> turns out round-trip flights are expensive. while we were coming up with a backup plan we put out the ad.

>> you said to the women you should respond in pairs. at least one person at this wedding. sisters, twins preferable. we'll take friends or even enemies. you should be attractive or our aunts will judge you, but not too attractive or one of our uncles might grope you.

>> they might.

>> let's talk about some -- first of all, the bride knows about this stunt now?

>> she does now.

>> how does she feel about that? any idea?

>> pretty okay with it.

>> she is?

>> she's been fantastic with all the taepgs.

>> let's talk about some of the responses. how many serious responses have you gotten?

>> total responses, we're up to about 1,800, maybe pushing 2,000. and most of them are pretty serious.

>> there's jill and jane, who actually prepared a power point presentation for your consideration, saying they're fun, won't embarrass you too much and are not self centered. what do you think about them?

>> you have to appreciate a girl who is going to approach this from a professional standpoint. a power point presentation.

>> took some effort, no question.

>> sure.

>> these girls did a verse of the song to the tune "don't stop believing." i'm not going to get into the words but what do you think about that?

>> rhymed words, creative. we were singing it all night. very classic.

>> they're going to get a call back.

>> a couple of older applicants, a woman named penny, offering herself and her sister. they're 53 and 50 years old. do they have a shot?

>> they don't have a shot.

>> why?

>> only because penny is taking care of her husband, who is disabled and we don't want her to --

>> we're not going to wreck a home.

>> age is not an issue?

>> not at all.

>> so hoda and kathie lee ?

>> oh, they're in.

>> they're in?

>> if they would go for this, would you do that?

>> we thought they would tap in, in person, but we're waiting.

>> haven't checked my e-mail before the segment, though.

>> among the people who are in it for them, royalties once our night story has developed into a romantic comedy , the chances are estimated at 85%, we refuse the right to let ashton kutcher play either of us.

>> we were thinking he could play our older brother, sean.

>> when are you choosing, quickly?

>> in a week or two.

>> we'll check in on you.