TODAY   |  February 16, 2013

From TODAY to tonight: Holt after dark

“Jay is great,” Lester Holt said. “He makes you feel very comfortable.” Jay Leno had a little fun with Lester Holt’s weather reporting when Holt stopped by Leno’s show in Los Angeles.

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>>> blizzard.

>> you covered hurricane isaac . let's take a look.

>> frankly, we have not seen any serious damage in our limited movement around here. trees down, as you might expect. lots of power out. several hundred thousand --

>> you were outside. tell me about that. why do you feel the need to go out -- do people need to see you --

>> you can't exactly do it from your hotel room . it's the weather, you've got to get out in it. you're telling people that there are 70 mile-per-hour winds. so it's like, let's prove it.

>> see, i had a little problem with it. here, show what happened --

>> winds --

>> can you pull out a little bit? you see, i that's what -- i hate when that happens.

>> that was isaac. he did have fun with you making snow angels last weekend.

>> yes.

>> you saw in central park . anne hathaway was on which was rough for you.

>> what a lovely woman. i mean -- nice picture they took of us.

>> yeah.

>> of course, you know, she's -- got all the oscar buzz. she's got so much going on. new wife and just -- i really enjoyed getting to know her.

>> things are good. i don't know if we have time to show, but he brought up the clip of you and susan boyle since you both sang "i dreamed a dream."

>> we had something in common. we both nailed the song.

>> your lip-synching skills are something to behold.

>> yeah.

>> it was great seeing you on.

>> no oscar buzz for me.

>> a great guest.

>> jay is great. he comes out before the show in the green room . you chat for a long time. he makes you feel very comfortable.

>> good.

>> great opportunity.

>> i stayed up late for