TODAY   |  November 28, 2012

Kelly Osbourne reveals the root of her gray hair

Kelly Osbourne, co-host of E!’s “Fashion Police,” reveals the inspiration behind her much-discussed gray hair as well as her favorite fashion designer. She also discusses her brother Jack’s battle with multiple sclerosis, and her adoration for her baby niece, Pearl.

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>>> kelly osborn is host of " fashion police ," breaking down the good, bad and truly ugly from all the red carpet events.

>> worried about what we are wearing.

>> definitely pass the test. hello, we're wearing patterns, the same color.

>> i have a question about your pants.

>> yes.

>> tell me about these.

>> high waist and this little flap here which usually makes women's bums look bigger but because the way they are cut --

>> can you stand up for one second?

>> of course.

>> oh. yes.

>> pockets.

>> ring in my pocket. what is that?

>> ring off so we could see those nails.

>> yes.

>> hosting an event tonight.

>> i'm host the voguing ball for amfar tonight, at the w hotel . going to be amazing.

>> so your nails say amfar --

>> and vogue. into the voguing.

>> look at those fingernails. do you have a favorite designer or are you --

>> i have a -- zack posen, not only do i love his dresses and the way they make me feel, but him. the nails, i'm so happy about i can get acrylics again, my niece is old enough, you can't have acrylics with a baby or if you work in the medical industry.

>> i didn't realize.

>> that >> they have a bacteria that kind of makes you feel dirty. my niece.

>> that is jack's little girl . how precious is she?

>> i call her the miracle, she has brought our family so much closer together. even more than we were.

>> really?

>> and there's me and my brother and pearly.

>> how is he doing?

>> he is doing absolutely amazing.

>> in remission right now from the ms?

>> you never really are. when you have ms, you have it your whole life.

>> i know that but periods where it's dormant.

>> he doesn't have any -- right now and he has completely changed his diet, lifestyle, goes to work every day. he is like doing really well, produce and tv and stuff.

>> that's great.

>> coming up on the 100th episode of " fashion police ," you, joan rivers .

>> julianna and george, right?

>> like a crazy group of people.

>> speak for yourselves, ladies.

>> it gets riotous. you have to bleep joan every five seconds.

>> yes, you do.

>> she is the funniest woman on the planet.

>> she is. can i just say, what an honor it is to work with a true legend as her. how much i learned from her is just unbelievable. she is amazing. we all love each other so much. i can't believe that 100 episodes , not one fight.

>> ever get uncomfortable criticizing someone? you like the person, their outfit may not to be your taste but to someone else 's. do you --

>> i tried very lightly, with my friends, but i don't talk about the person u.n.less i hanless i have a reason and i wouldn't say anything i wouldn't say to someone's face you that. is how i get by. it is a comedy-based show.

>> it s joan.

>> a sense of humor about yourself, you are in the wrong industry.

>> now you get criticized, yourself, for some of the things wear, purple hair, stuff like that.

>> i mean, look at me, for god's sake.

>> how do you deal with the criticism that you get from other people?

>> that's their opinion. it's totally fine.

>> yeah.

>> what went into the purple hair? why did you decide on that tint, that hue?

>> when i was 13 years old, i snuck into my sister's room and went through one of her fashion magazines and tore out this page i liked and it had five supermodels with five old ladies that had five different rinses of gray. and i have done all of them and this is the last one. and i'm keeping it. i love it. and it makes people so angry sometimes.

>> what do they say?

>> i can't swear on tv.

>> really? go there?

>> they go there. and then i get a lot of young girls, i'm dyeing my hair just like you, makes me feel really cool, like i started something that usually people were calling me the worst name.

>> people can be cruel. anyway -- congratulations, have a good time tonight. raise a lot of money for a great cause.

>> good for you.