TODAY   |  November 02, 2012

Late-night comics poke fun at Chris Christie

Late-night comics like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman brought some levity Thursday night by poking fun at their empty audiences and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

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>> like this we could use a little music and some laughs, too. the late-night comedy hosts were more than happy to provide us with a few.

>> thank you very much for joining us here in the ed sullivan shelter.

>> because of the hurricane, we had to do the show to a bunch of empty seats, or as clint eastwood calls that a full house .

>> to make sure we rebuild our state we do what needs to be done.

>> wow, that guy is incredible. i just wish i knew his name or his title.

>> oh, there you go. chris christie , governor.

>> good thing his mom sewed his name into all of his clothes.

>> gave me such a start! i know exactly what this is. chris christie 's pants, ladies and gentlemen .

>> because of hurricane sandy, new jersey governor chris christie actually cancelled halloween. this seems very suspicious to me, especially considering to me the fact that he just posted this photograph on instagram.

>> mitt romney had something for the kids at his house. show romney's house.

>> look, let me tell you something. if you're looking for free stuff you don't have to pay for, i'm not your guy.

>> ladies and gentlemen , now to present tonight's top ten list, vice president of the united states , joe biden .

>> if you vote early, you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry, i'm being told that's not accurate.

>> and the number one good thing about voting early, ladies and gentlemen .

>> honestly, don't you want this election over with already?