TODAY   |  October 01, 2012

Tweet sparks concern for missing teen

On Sunday, Kara Alongi, 16, tweeted that someone was inside her house, asking people to call 911. Now, her parents are staying quiet and police are saying the New Jersey teen is missing. NBC’s Katherine Creag reports.

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>>> a teenaged girl distressed message sent over twitter has triggered a police search and drawn worldwide attention. kathryn craig has more from clark, new jersey. good morning, kathryn .

>> reporter: natalie, good morning. it started with a message on twitter, a tweet from a teenager who lives in this house that someone was inside the house, and she wrote, call 911. we have the tweet to show and you despite the typo from the teenager, people were absolutely crazy and worried about her safety. cara elongy is nowhere to be found. her parents reported her missing last night and people from all around the world have been tweeting about this. she is 16 years old, the #helpfindcara is in the top ten and trending on twitter and has more than 89,000 followers to her account. people have been here looking for her. police have been to the house. the family has been strangely quiet about this. no comment over the phone. when i telephone the family earlier, also no answer when we knocked on the door. the bottom line is from the police chief , this teenager, cara elongy is missing. natalie?

>> bizarre story. kathryn craig in clark, new jersey, thanks.