TODAY   |  September 17, 2012

Tamron Hall: I am part of ‘Honey Boo Boo’ family

The TODAY anchors, along with “America’s Got Talent” finalist Tom Cotter, discuss whether the TLC show “Honey Boo Boo” is exploiting the family too much and if adding Nikki Minaj and Keith Urban as judges was a good choice for “American Idol.”

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>>> runner up in "america's got talent."

>> i'm still a little hurt. beaten by the dogs. had a nice doggie style .

>> that was pretty good.

>> i didn't think it was right -- i'm still bitter. four days ago. only happened four days ago.

>> you able to get over this.

>> i'm licking my wounds.

>> like a dog.

>> they got $1 million, what do you get?

>> get to walk the dogs, 25 bucks to be a dog walker , thank you for that.

>> you're a dead ringer for howard dean . does he look like howard dean ?

>> not as crazy.

>> that's what he should have done.

>> and not appropriate.

>> now your wife is a stand-up comeic.

>> she is indeed. funnier than i.

>> really?

>> yes.

>> she should have been up there?

>> should have been up there. she might have beatent dogs, who knows.

>> maybe she will try it for next year.

>> she probably will.

>> even though you came in second, this has got to be a boost for your career.

>> people have told me my whole life i smell like number two, sorry, too early for that?

>> yeah.

>> it's great. it 's wonderful , really was and i love the dogs, really a great act, so, you know, i think i'm the top human that finished though in the competition.

>> want to get your take on some of the stuff we're talking about today. one of the things is psy. don't know when you were watching the "today" show on friday and went "gangnam style" with psy performing the song not once by twice, had a cameo on "saturday night live," hit number one is number one on itunes.

>> his song spelled back wards is mangag. it looks like he ate spicy food and can't find a bathroom, that's what it looks like to me. i can't do it.

>> is it infectious, look how people responded. hundreds of kids. why do you think it's so popular?

>> it's like the pet rock .

>> you're bitter.

>> should be called psycho, have you seen him dance? i met his wife, polly psy. we can do this all day.

>> i'll save you. here we go, honey boo boo child. "here comes honey boo boo ." people are asking is it a yay or nay? full disclosure, i bought every episode. alana and her momma june and her daddy sugar bear .

>> you know too much about them.

>> i'm a part of family.

>> tell me if it's a yay or nay?

>> for me i love the chubby cherub . she could be the love child of nancy grace and larry the gable guy, i don't know.

>> that's so wrong to laugh at a child.

>> but america is.

>> they are.

>> she's 7 years old.

>> that's her mommor, june.

>> the thing is, this is from my standpoint why i watch it. i'm from the south. if you think that that's the only family or that's made up, you are wrong.

>> really.

>> and all my southern cousins, i love you.

>> does it make it right?

>> it's their life, and if they want to put their lives out there, why can't they. doesn't fit the upper east side perspective.

>> but it feels somewhat exploitive, you know.

>> of whom if they choose to?

>> they are getting paid.

>> you know they have made it because they were spoofed on "snl" this weekend. the favorite thing that seth myers said, they speak english but need closed captioning.

>> subtitles on the show.

>> should you be giving a 7-year-old go-go juice.

>> half red bull and half mountain dew .

>> that's the point. should you give a kid red bull and mountain dew .

>> a negative.

>> when i have one, i'll let you so.

>> would you give your dog red bull and mountain dew ?

>> i would -- i would give it to the dogs --

>> i'm not saying that's right. they are in the alone from below the mason-dixon line and i'm from there.

>> let's move on.

>> what have you got, new idol judges.

>> again with the judges.

>> yeah, yeah. we're talking nicki minaj and keith urban which i guess will be their version of christina aguilera and blake shelton .

>> yeah.

>> and, of course, randy is still there and mariah carey .

>> do you think they will be good judges?

>> too many judges.

>> maybe they should judge one of them off.

>> i like it, i like it.

>> we talked about this last week. it's almost as if the judges have become more important than the contestants.

>> yeah.

>> the shows used to be about the singers, go figure.

>> and it used to be where people would come to resurrect their career. enmaple ridge minaj is at the top of her game and mariah carey still sells millions so there's some allure there for the big stars now when it used to be like randy jackson , we didn't know randy jackson when he started this show.

>> you're adding a country star , urban, and minaj, a rap star, and whenever you merge country and rap you get crap so i'm concerned that that might not play well. four judges though, menage atrois and randy jackson .

>> let's give niki some go-go juice.

>> i like where you're headed.

>> you brought some drunk passport photos.

>> i don't bring them, i've seen them.

>> have you seen them?

>> i don't know.

>> i'm not showing it. wondering if you have it. it's a little kid --

>> oh, this one.

>> this is great.

>> looks like the kid had some go-go juice.

>> i haven't seen it.

>> morning after go-go juice.

>> kind of crashed after the go-go juice.

>> guess you'll have to visualize it.

>> thought we had it.

>> he could slip into something more comfortable like a coma.

>> they are looking and going through their files. got an index card , rol-a-dex. there it