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By Sarah Bracy Penn and Danielle Wolf

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Early June means time to shower dads with lots of love!

In honor of Father's Day, we rounded up the coolest tech toys that dads will love.

Looking for a tool for his next outdoor excursion? A new enhancement for his iPhone? What about the latest smart home technology? We've got a gadget for all of that.

1. Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera, $70, Amazon

Who doesn't miss the days of Polaroid cameras? Turns out, Kodak has created a new camera that prints images automatically after one pushes the shutter, using Zink photo paper, which is resistant to smudges, tearing and water damage.

2. Kelvin Tools Urban Super-Tool, $50, Amazon

This pocket-sized wonder of a gadget boasts 36 capabilities, including a measuring tape, flashlight, bottle opener, corkscrew and screwdriver with 26 different bits.

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3. Retro Video Game Phone Case, $17, Everything Tech Gear

Does Dad miss his original Nintendo Game Boy? Check out this iPhone case, complete with an imitation Game Boy on the back that is enabled for several classic games!

4. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug, $80, Amazon

Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee that's been sitting around or scalding hot tea warmed up in the microwave. This ceramic mug allows him to control the temperature of his warm beverage with its accompanying app, which also suggests the perfect temperature for dozens of popular beverages.

5. The Foldaway Bicycle Helmet, $150, Hammacher Schlemmer

Dad should always wear a helmet when biking, but once he gets where he's going, what does he do with it? Hammacher Schlemmer has the solution — a collapsible helmet. It easily folds in half allowing for easy storage.

6. HyperChiller HC2 Patented Coffee/Beverage Cooler, $30, Amazon

Let Dad turn steaming hot coffee into iced coffee in under one minute with this HyperChiller. One reviewer wrote, "between the simplicity of the product and how effective it is, it's worth every penny!" According to the brand, the HyperChiller works with any un-carbonated liquid; try it with wine, whisky, tea, juice and more.

7. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer, $60, UncommonGoods

Smartphones are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Simply place Dad's phone inside, attach the charging cable and close the lid. Inside, ultra-violet lights disinfect it. The case even has built-in acoustic amplifiers that can play music or the phone's alarm while it's being cleaned.

8. Nest Learning Thermostat, $199 (usually $218), Amazon

Perfect for the dad who needs complete control over the temperature at all times, the Nest Thermostat will allow him to change the air conditioning and heating settings from his smartphone or even using Alexa.

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