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I wear this ring everywhere I go — it looks like a luxury piece but only costs $16

I never used to wear rings — now I want this one in all three colors.
Rings on Hands
Courtesy Danielle Murphy
/ Source: TODAY

I can count on one hand — technically, one finger — the number of rings I own. I love the look of rings and the idea of what they symbolize. I just don't like wearing them because I've never liked the look of my hands.

However, I recently started using a game-changing hand cream and getting my nails done, so I decided to try this bestselling gold-plated stacking ring with over 20,000 verified ratings on Amazon. If I didn't love it, I'd be out $16. If I loved it, I could buy the other two in the set.

Pavoi 14K Gold Plated Stackable Ring

It's ranked No. 1 on Amazon

This ring is ranked at the top of Amazon's list of bestsellers in women's eternity rings. I'm not in a relationship at the moment, but this eternity ring represents the promise I made earlier this year to be patient and extend grace to myself. (It also helps ward off any unwanted suitors since I'm a travel writer, often flying solo in foreign countries.)

It's also one of Amazon's top sellers in women's stacking rings. But I didn't buy it with the intention of stacking. I chose this ring for its impressive reviews and nearly 15,000 five-star ratings.

It's shiny, but sturdy

I'm not an expert in precious metals, but I like to think I can tell when something looks cheap — and this ring doesn't look cheap. It comes in rhodium-plated silver, yellow gold–plated silver and rose gold–plated silver. The tri-color set that includes all three colors costs $42. I chose the rose gold–plated silver, and it came in a sleek black box.

wearing my PAVOI ring at the firepit at Old Mondoro Lodge, a safari camp in Zambai
Katie Jackson / TODAY

The brand is Pavoi, which is the same brand behind these No. 1 bestselling huggies and these mini hoops that a former Shop TODAY editor loves.

Despite being so affordable, the jewelry seems to be good quality. I even read one review by a health care worker who says they are constantly washing and sanitizing their hands while wearing this ring. She has yet to see any green discoloration or signs of wear.

I can wear it everywhere

I love this ring because it's sparkly, but also because the studs are small and don't snag on fabric. The ring doesn't rub against and irritate my skin the way other accessories do, and it's incredibly lightweight so I often forget I'm even wearing it. It also seems to handle the elements rather well.

wearing my PAVOI ring while touring with Chiawa Safaris in Lower Zambezi National Park
Katie Jackson / TODAY

I wore it for weeks in Porto, Portugal, where it rains quite a lot. I've also taken it on safari in Zambia, where I was also staying at a luxury camp, so I wanted to look nice. But because it's in the bush and the tents don't lock, I needed jewelry that I didn't have to worry about losing. For that reason, this ring is perfect for traveling.

I don't know if I'm ready to audition as a hand model or drop serious dough on a diamond ring. But after realizing how much I like wearing the right ring, I think I'm ready to try stacking. Fortunately, I know which set to get.