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We tried on this popular $25 jumpsuit in 5 different sizes

Get the scoop on this trending one-piece.

Style and comfort often clash when it comes to fashion. But this popular jumpsuit — which can seamlessly transition from loungewear to a night out on the town — means you don’t have to sacrifice personal happiness to stay on-trend. Plus, it's recently gone wildly viral after becoming known as a popular choice among flight attendants!

Five women, ranging in size from small through xx-large, tried the Amazon jumpsuit everyone is raving about just a week after putting one of the online retailer’s bestselling dresses through its paces.

Alelly Off-the-shoulder Jumpsuit

The Alelly women’s jumpsuit has 4.1 stars on Amazon and over 1,200 reviews.

While the outfit was generally well-received, some of our models felt they needed a size bigger to get the perfect fit. Read on for more insight into the garment's fit and quality.

Size Small


Our small model, Christine, liked the jumpsuit but had a few reservations.

While she felt the small technically fit, she would prefer a size up from her usual small.

“I like more of a bigger size,” said Christine. “It’s just more comfortable especially if it’s a jumpsuit. I don’t want it to be riding up or anything like that.”

She also wished for a softer fabric to make the outfit more comfortable.

She styled the look with a simple nude heel but felt the jumpsuit had a lot of versatility depending on accessories. “I could put a necklace on it and throw on some heels and go for happy hour or go for drinks somewhere,” she said. “Other times I could just put on sneakers, put my hair up and run my errands."

One of Christine's favorite features about the jumpsuit? Pockets. “You can literally just put your phone and money in it and you are good to go. You don’t have to carry a purse or anything like that,” she said.

Overall, Christine said, “It’s something I would wear for sure.”

Size Medium


Elissa, who tried the jumpsuit on in medium, was hesitant about the outfit before trying it on but was pleasantly surprised once she had it styled.

“I don’t normally gravitate towards jumpsuits because it makes me look short and accentuates my hips,” said Elissa. “When I first put it on, I felt like I was going to go work on a car. It felt like a uniform. It was just basic black, and then with the right accessories it really popped and brought the outfit to life.”

The right accessories for her included a belt, a sparkly statement necklace and black flats.

“Monday through Friday, I don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about my outfit, so something like this would work great," she said. "I can just throw this on and a necklace and I’m ready to go."

Her verdict? “I would definitely wear it again.”

Size Large


Our model Kourtney wore the black jumpsuit in size large with a lace-up black heel. She also felt that the outfit could be worn in a lot of different ways based on the accessory choices.

“You can really dress it up or down," she said. "It’s definitely a transitional piece from, I would say, work, and then you could even wear it to a happy hour after work with some friends.”

She felt the outfit fit her true to size, but she had reservations about how it fit at the waist, which might be resolved in a size up.

“In the front, it kind of cinches a little bit but it still is very comfortable," she said.

For her final review, Kourtney said, “I definitely feel comfortable. I would wear something like this.”

Size X-Large


DeAndra styled her x-large jumpsuit with a more casual approach. She wore sneakers and a silver statement belt around her waist.

“I would wear it to one of my friend's soccer games or a kid's Little League game. It’s comfy. I don’t think I would wear it to anything elegant,” she said.

She also thought the jumpsuit felt a little tight.

“This would definitely fit into my wardrobe because it’s black," DeAndra said. "I would just accessorize it and maybe get a bigger size."

Size XX-Large


Our xx-large model, Elizabeth, also had reservations about the jumpsuit before trying it on.

“I probably wouldn’t have picked it out at first but actually putting it on, it fits into my wardrobe,” she said. “It’s super casual and just easy to put on.”

Like some of the other reviewers, Elizabeth said she would get a larger size. She decided to wear the jumpsuit with a simple pair of heels and highlighted the outfit's versatility.

“You can dress it down, throw some sneakers on and just run some errands," she said. "Or you can dress it up, put on some heels, go out with your girls for dinner or drinks.”

Elizabeth also loved the jumpsuit's pockets. "It just makes it easy, breezy," she said.

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