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By Kayla Boyd

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If you shop on Amazon a lot, you might have stumbled across an item marked as a best-seller and decided that you had to try it. I know I have.

Last month, we found an affordable T-shirt with more than 2,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, and we thought it would be fun to see if it actually worked for different body shapes.

Turns out plenty of others wanted to try it, too, because it's seen a 400% increase in sales over the past 24 hours.

YunJey Color Block Stripe T-Shirt, $16, Amazon

The shirt features a simple design — color blocked with a striped middle panel. It's available in both short and long sleeves, and it comes in sizes small to extra-extra-large.

For less than $20, the rave reviews convinced us to order a few. Three of our editors (including myself) chose different colors, and we all paired the top with jeans for a casual spring day outside the office.

Courtney wearing a size small


Courtney Gisriel, commerce editor, tried the shirt in its smallest option, a small. "I typically wear somewhere between an XS and S (I'm 5'1", and length tends to be an issue for me), so the shirt was a little on the roomy side," she said. "It didn’t really bother me because I kind of liked the slouchy, relaxed fit. But it was a little long and definitely required a little French-tuck action."

She felt that the material was comfortable, and it "seems like the type of cotton that would just get softer and softer each time you wash it." Courtney was also a fan of the heather green shade that gave off a slightly worn look — great for a more relaxed ensemble.

"I loved the heather green color because it gave off the impression that this was a well-worn shirt with a slight fade to prove it, despite having just come out of the box," she explained. "I definitely think I'd wear this again running errands on weekends or out for a casual dinner. I initially envisioned wearing this shirt exactly the way it's styled in the Amazon listing (with denim shorts). But, because it's on the longer side, I think I'll stick to pants!"

Aline wearing a size large


Our other commerce editor, Aline Martins, tried a size large. "When I first put on the shirt, I was unsure if I liked it," she said. "I'm generally either a medium or a large, and I ordered a large to stay on the safe side. It fit fine, but was a little bit tighter in the shoulders and upper arms than I usually like for a casual T-shirt. But, after a couple minutes, it loosened up a little and felt more comfortable."

Although the size was a little iffy at first, Aline really enjoyed the overall aesthetic of the top. "The color and the pattern are very much my vibe," she said. "In person, it's pretty close to the color on the listing, which can sometimes be an issue when shopping for clothing online. Plus, the design is pretty versatile. I would pair it with a pair of jeans, heeled booties and a nice jacket for a casual-but-chic look, and I would also wear it with a pair of leggings and sneakers on the weekend to run errands or something."

"Bottom line: The shirt is totally my style, and I'd wear it again," she concluded.

Kayla wearing a size xx-large


I tried the top in its largest size option, and I must say that I also liked it for similar reasons as my co-workers. When I order clothes from Amazon, I get a little worried about items running too small, so I went with a size extra-extra-large (I often switch between extra-large or extra-extra-large). I am glad I went with that size because any smaller, and it wouldn't have been as comfortable. It did have more of a fitted look on me than my colleagues above, but in my case, I think it works out because I can pair it with shorts this summer.

I went with the yellow, because I thought it was happy and bright for spring and summer. It looks just like the picture, and the material was a pretty good quality. Overall, I thought the shirt was cute, casual and great for a day of hanging out. It's comfortable and pairs really well with jeans, which fits in nicely with my casual wardrobe.

Is it worth it?

We think so! Although the top fit each of us a little differently, we all were pretty pleased with the style, quality and comfort. It's a great everyday T-shirt that can easily be incorporated into a spring or summer wardrobe. It has a variety of color options, and at about $16, it's affordable.

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