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By Chrissy Callahan

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Growing up, I used to tease my older sister for how many black purses she owned. Sure, it's great to have a few staple colors in your accessory repertoire, but a pop of color is nice every once in a while, too.

When it comes to my own handbag collection, I've always preferred to live in color and mostly own bright bags. I've carefully cultivated a collection of pretty pastels and deep jewel tones over the years, and am always looking to add the next statement color to my collection.

This summer, I've found a new purse to obsess over. And the best part: It's only $15. I came across the Dreubea Faux Leather Tote Shoulder Bag while perusing Amazon's bestsellers listand was instantly sold.

The functional and fashionable tote

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It comes in 41 colors

Since I'm a sucker for bold colors, I was pretty excited to see this bag comes in 41 different shades. Whether you're into delicate pastels, rich jewel tones or metallics (or even classic black like my sister), there's something for everyone and every season. My penchant for pastels led me right to the summery Light Blue bag, and it's been a great statement piece to complement my summer wardrobe.

Amazon shoppers love this bag

The Dreubea bag is Amazon's bestselling tote and ranks number seven on their overall bestselling handbag list. With over 800 five star reviews, it certainly comes highly recommended, too.

Shoppers agree: The bag offers great quality for the price. "I really doubted I could buy a quality bag for this price on Amazon ... but when this guy arrived, I was totally proven wrong! It looks like I spent much more than $16! It's no frills, simple tote bag which is exactly what I wanted," one shopper wrote.

And they love the bag's little details. "Functional with its size and inside pocket on the side panel. It has a soft backside on the leather inside the bag. Stitching is solid where the handles are attached and it has a strong magnet to hold (it) closed," another wrote.

The color options are pretty extensive!Courtesy of Chrissy Callahan

It fits more than you'd think

When I first opened up my purse, I was a bit skeptical. It didn't look terribly sturdy and the straps didn't seem very strong. But after a day of using it, I realized looks can sometimes be deceiving.

During a family lunch, my sister actually called it my "Mary Poppins bag" since it holds a lot more than you'd think. And I really love that because I tend to load my bag up for fear of forgetting something.

My one word of criticism is pretty minor and more of a personal issue, to be honest. Summer is the season for exposed shoulders, and I tend to wear a lot of sleeveless dresses. Like many ladies with sensitive skin, my purses sometimes leave a temporary red mark when I sport them with bare shoulders. So if your skin is ultra sensitive like mine is, I'd suggest breaking out this bag on days when you're wearing short sleeves.

Aside from that, this cute tote holds all the essentials and comes with stylish details like a front tassel and an accompanying scarf you can tie around the bag. For $15, the quality is pretty great, and I'd definitely buy another!

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