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TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio share back-to-school advice and beauty hacks

The busy teens know a thing or two about getting ready in a hurry.

If you take a look at any teenager's "For You" page on TikTok, you're bound to come across Charli and Dixie D'Amelio. The sisters have amassed millions of followers and are often responsible for those viral dance challenges that rack up millions of views.

Though they are currently two of the most famous people on the planet, they're also both still teenagers learning to navigate the world in the same way many of their young fans are. For instance, 16-year-old Charli says the start of her TikTok fame in June 2019 came at a time when she was still figuring out how to approach makeup.

"I feel like at the time I started TikTok was also the time where I felt more comfortable to be able to wear makeup outside of just my house," Charli told us. "So I feel like throughout this journey of being on TikTok, I've also been learning how to do makeup properly and what looks good on my face and how to apply certain products. So I feel like it's not just TikTok, but it's also just growing up."


Fast Forward to August 2020, and both Charli and Dixie are now the faces of Morphe 2 — an extension of the popular Morphe brand that has its sights set on the Gen Z crowd that the D'Amelios have managed to captivate. The line consists of subtle, minimalist products designed to enhance your features or add a slight pop of color.

Morphe is no stranger to partnering with young social media influencers, but the D'Amelios say they've been fans of the brand for quite some time.

"I was definitely a huge fan of Morphe growing up as a competition dancer," Charli told us. "I needed the full glam almost every weekend. So that was something that I always gravitated towards more because it's very affordable and it's great quality, great pigment."


Though the sisters say they now use every product in the line almost every day, they definitely have their standout favorites. If you're looking for the best place to start when trying the new Morphe 2 line, Dixie recommends picking up the Hint Hint Skin Tint for a natural "no-makeup" look.

"It's a foundation, but it doesn't cover my freckles, so I really love it," Dixie told us.

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint

For those who want a pop of color, Charli is all about the Wondertint Lip and Cheek Mousse.

"I feel like you can never go wrong with some rosy cheeks, which is always something that I love to do," Charli said. "And I feel like it really completes my makeup look."

Morphe 2 Wondertint Lip and Cheek Mousse

The blush also doubles as Charli's favorite makeup hack for getting out the door in a hurry. If she has no time to do a full face (she is busy entertaining over 80 million followers, after all), throwing on some blush is her go-to trick.

"I feel like blush goes a long way," she said. "That's my favorite makeup thing to do for me."

As for Dixie, she recommends turning to your favorite lip gloss if you only have time for one product.

"A lip gloss always just makes it look all put together," she said.

Morphe 2 Gloss Pop Face and Eye Gloss

Both sisters say they tend to opt for a "natural" look on an everyday basis, though when they need some advice on more advanced techniques, they're able to call up their famous beauty influencer friends — like James Charles.

"If we need to ask questions or are wondering any tips and tricks, he's great," Charli said. "We could just call him and see his thoughts on how to do something easier or just tips and tricks to do something more efficiently. So I feel like he's definitely a great person for that."

In fact, Dixie says they've even managed to pick up a few basic tips while filming a recent video with Charles.

"When we did our makeup together, I just didn't know a lot of the steps," Dixie said. "I mean ... Charli didn't know she was supposed to wet her Beauty Blender, so he taught her that."

Beauty Blender Original Beauty Sponge

Though most teens don't have direct access to the most popular beauty influencers or millions of followers on their social media accounts, their young fans still seem to find the sisters both relatable and approachable. After speaking with them, it's not tough to see why. While they are clearly passionate and excited about their new collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics, they became the most animated when talking about something rather mundane: a shared love of shopping for school supplies.

"That was our favorite thing!" Dixie said. "We would literally want to go every single day. My mom was like, 'We don't even have our list yet, so we don't know what to get!'"

School will look a bit different for most of their fans this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they still encourage their followers to remain as hopeful as possible.

"I feel like we've all realized during this time that we really need to reach out and speak to those that are very important to us," Charli said. "Just make the most of your school year, no matter what it entails ... just take advantage and do the best you can."

And for any young teens needing some advice as they head into the school year, Charli says it's all about finding your own path.

"School is really difficult for some people, it comes really naturally to others," Charli said. "So just learn what makes it good and fun for you and try to do that. And just stay positive and make sure that you're looking out for your friends, and just have fun!"

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