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28 cute AirPod cases to up your style in 2021

Turn your classic white case into a new fashion statement.
Illustration of three different airpod cases and a woman wearing a stylish airpod chain case
Urban Outfitters / Amazon / Neiman Marcus

Wireless earbuds make it convenient to multitask while you listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts, but the small charging case is easy to lose or break without proper protection. Putting a case on your AirPods not only adds an extra layer of protection, but gives you a chance to show off your favorite colors and designs.

From funky prints to classic colorful shades, AirPod cases have blown up online. From adorable crossbody purse-inspired designs to adorable animals, we’ve rounded up some stylish bestselling AirPod cases to upgrade your accessory collection.

Chic AirPod cases

Urban Outfitters Neon Hard Shell AirPods Case

Swap out your boring white case for a bright pop of color. The neon case is made out of a hard shell to give your charging case and AirPods extra protection — plus it comes in this gorgeous shade of hot pink!

Urban Outfitters Mini Crossbody Bag AirPods Case

Don’t feel like digging around in your purse or pockets to find your AirPods? This crossbody-inspired mini bag features a chain-link shoulder strap attached to a small faux leather pouch made to hold your charging case. Choose between two neutral colors (black or white) and pair it with your favorite outfit for your next outing.

elago Protective Silicone AirPods Pro Case

Amp up your case with a simple sleek colored case. With 12 options to choose from, use the included carabiner to clip onto your purse for easier carrying.

Etsy Bohemian AirPods Case

If you love a boho aesthetic, then add this to your cart. The printed design was made on a plastic material to help protect your charging case from scratches and water. It’s also compatible with wireless charging and has an opening for a charging port.

Native Union Leather AirPods Case

Nothing is sleeker than leather. This case was made from genuine Italian leather and comes in a variety of colors and patterns including basic neutrals like black and brown. It was also designed for easy charging access, so you don’t have to constantly remove the case to charge your device.

Mytagalongs Vixen Earbuds Case

Carry more than just your charging case with this versatile carry-case. Made with velour-like material, this case was designed to hold your AirPods and charging cable. Whether you’re traveling or running errands, keep your case in a safe holder to prevent it from getting lost.

Heyday AirPods Silicone Case

Rather than stick with the classic white, upgrade your case to a versatile, vibrant color. Pick from 12 fun shades such as light blue, orange, green and more. The silicone material will also work to help protect your case from water and dust.

Etsy Custom Heart AirPods Case

This adorable case comes with a keychain that can be personalized with your name or initials, making it easier to locate if you lose it. The design has an easy-access charging port to make recharging it less of a pain. If you’re worried about dropping it, the slip-resistant material and drop-proof design should help ease those fears.

Kate Spade New York Ombre Glitter Case

Add some sparkle to your accessory rotation with this glittery case. The ombre case features hues of blue and purple along with the signature Kate Spade logo. Go out in style with the handy gold keychain that clips onto your purse, bag or pants.

Etsy Custom Leather AirPods Case

Make your case unique to you with some added personalization. Customize this case with your initials or name and choose from five different colors. The material is also made from genuine leather for heightened durability.

Animal-inspired AirPod cases

Maison Kitsuné Curve AirPods Case

If you prefer simple designs over prints, this case brings just enough pop of color. Enjoy Maison Kitsuné's famous fox logo on one of the three colors it comes in: blue, green and yellow. The plastic and silicone material will also help protect your case from drops and scratches.

Baggu Puffy AirPods Case

Like an airbag for your case, this design moves away from the typical silicone material and provides your earbuds cushiony protection — also have you seen that leopard print!

Urban Outfitters Cow Hard Shell AirPods Case

Add some flare to your AirPods with a cow print case. Available in pink of black, this case was made out of hard plastic to keep your AirPods safely encased.

Smoko Shiro Cat AirPods Case

It’s impawsible to not love this case. The cute cat-inspired design comes with a side loop to attach a keychain and is made out of silicone for a softer touch.

Filoto Leopard AirPods Case

This case not only comes as a keychain, but features an adorable soft puff ball for you to attach to your purse or backpack. It even comes in a variety of colors and prints including pink, gold leopard, silver leopard and more.

Etsy Puppy AirPods Case

Prevent your AirPods from looking ruff! This adorable puppy case was made of silicone to help protect it from any bumps and drops. It also comes in two pieces — just pop one piece onto the lid of the case while the second, larger piece goes onto the body of the case.

Etsy Leopard AirPods Case

Make it easier to find your case with a chic leopard print. Take it with you using the convenient clip perfect for attaching to your purse, gym bag or pants. The hard case is also compatible with wireless chargers and even has an open charging port for easy access.

Urban Outfitters Silicone AirPods Case

Give your AirPods a new cuddly home! The cute pig design is made out of silicone for a softer feel and aims to clean easily — just use a wipe for any messes that come your way.

Sporty AirPod cases

Etsy Jordan Jersey AirPods Case

Get in the zone at home or wherever you travel. If you’re a Jordan fan, then this custom case is one to keep with its jersey-inspired design. Choose between red or black and show off that lucky number 23.

Etsy Sports Ball AirPods Case

Keep your AirPods in a protective case personalized to your favorite sport. Choose between four sport-ball inspired designs — a soccer ball, basketball, football and baseball — and the silicone material will help protect your earbuds from even the roughest games.

Tekcoo AirPods Case

Whether you’re a baseball or basketball fan, this case comes in both designs. Sports fans are sure to appreciate the ball design made of vegan leather material.

Etsy Customized Sports AirPods Case

If golf is your game, you’ve scored a hole-in-one with this case. The customizable design comes with a picture of golf clubs and the option to add your name to the case, as well.

AirPod cases for kids

Skinnydip UO Exclusive SpongeBob SquarePants Silicone AirPods Case

This cartoony case features America's favorite sponge with his pet Gary printed on one side of the case, and Patrick Starr dangling on the side. Made of silicone, this case also protects your case from drops, spills and scratches.

Lewote Avocado AirPods Case

Try not to gush over this smiling avocado! If you’re not a fan of this food, then you may enjoy one of the other various designs it comes in including a pear, peach, pineapple and more. Each case is made to be compatible with AirPods and AirPods Pro.

elago AW5 Hang Case

Gamer kids are sure to appreciate this vintage-inspired case. Inspired by the classic Game Boy gaming console, the case was also made to be compatible with wireless chargers to take the hassle out of constantly taking your case out to charge.

Chinatown Market X Smiley UO Exclusive AirPods Case

Spread positivity with this smiley face. The bright yellow design will help make finding your case easier, while the loop on the side is perfect for attaching a key ring so you can attach it to your bag or pants when you’re on the move.

elago Ice Cream AirPods Case

You can never go wrong with ice cream! Show your appreciation for this sweet treat with a case shaped like your go-to dessert. You can also worry less about dropping it with its shockproof security, and the silicone material will also help keep out dust and water.

Shineyii Food and Drink-Inspired AirPods Case

Carry your favorite treats with you wherever you go with this popular snack-inspired case. Choose from various designs including Sour Patch Kids, ice cream, Gatorade and more. The outer case is made of silicone material which not only protects your charging case from scratches, but is also waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof.

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