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From an in-flight headphone hack to smart light bulbs, 20 tech upgrades to make now

These smart picks will make your life so much easier.
Courtesy Alexandra Deabler; Courtesty Dani Musacchio

There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve certain aspects of your life. We do it every day — refresh our wardrobe with trending fashions; elevate our skin care routines with the latest beauty drops; even endlessly scroll on TikTok to find the next best thing in ... well, anything. However, if there's one thing you don't want to overlook, it's finding the newest tech tools that can improve your life drastically, in the simplest ways.

Upgrading your gadgets around the house might better the way you live in ways you didn't even realize. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get things done faster, cheaper and, sometimes, hands-free. From chargers that can boost the battery life of three devices simultaneously to mini deodorizers that can keep your fridge smelling fresh, there's easy-to-use technology out there to solve any problem.

Luckily for you, we rounded up 20 affordable finds to easily upgrade your everyday life.

Simple Tech Upgrades

Leejie Electric Rechargeable Lighter

You'll never have to ask where the matches are again — in fact, you'll never have to buy another match again — with this TikTok-viral gadget on your coffee table. The tool is longer than your typical match (to help you avoid finger burns) and is made to "light hundreds of times."

Qinlianf USB Wall Charger & Surge Protector

Raise your hand if you have to bop around from outlet to outlet to charge all of your devices. This duplex outlet and surge protector will put an end to it, thanks to its five-outlet splitter and four USB charging ports. Plus, it easily plugs into your wall, so there's no tricky assembly or setup.

Power Practical LED Lights for TV Backlight

Just because these LED lights are for entertainment purposes, doesn't mean they're not essential! Enhance your movie and TV-watching experience with ambient lighting that attaches directly to the back of your television. It's designed to improve color and contrast — and you only have to pay $10.

AlCase Magnetic Charging Cable

With this clever charging cable, you can consider days of tripping over long, tangled cords gone. The attached magnets keep the cable organized (no more twisting, rolling or untangling) while allowing it to extend up to three feet.

Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Associate Social Media Editor Dani Musacchio swears by this smart lightbulb, which has been a game-changer for her morning routine. The bulb gives her control over how bright or dim her room is through her Alexa app. Plus, the brand says that it uses 85 percent less power than a standard incandescent bulb, so you're saving energy!

Etekcity Digital Luggage Scale

Speaking of travel hassles, paying those overweight baggage fees might top that long list. One Shop TODAY contributor tried this digital luggage scale to help her pack more efficiently (and never get hit with an unexpected charge again) and said it was an easy and stress-free solution.

Trilink Mini USB Fridge Deodorizer

Now's the time to swap out entire boxes of baking soda for this mini fridge deodorizer. According to the brand, this device eliminates odors instead of just hiding them. It's also reusable, doesn't require filter changes and arrives ready to use.

iWALK Ultra-Compact Portable Charger

Now you can charge your phone anywhere, at any time, without having to lug around a long cord and power block. This iWalk battery pack (said to be the size of a lipstick tube) can easily slip inside your bag or pocket for easy access and can charge your iPhone fast, according to the brand.

White Crown LED Dimmable Reading Lamp

An LED lamp that doubles as a charger should be on every remote worker's upgrade wish list. This one has five color modes and 10 brightness levels to accommodate eye sensitivities and avoid strain. It's also fully adjustable and can be angled or turned wherever needed.

Asaqo WiFi Extender

Nothing will ruin your work-from-home meeting schedule faster than a spotty WiFi connection. This little gadget promises to boost your signal up to 1200Mbps and 6000 square feet to minimize any dead zones or slow areas in your home. It's said to be easy to install too — simply plug it in, push a button and it should connect to your device within 8 seconds.

Sleek Socket Electrical Outlet Covers

As important as outlets are in this tech-advanced world, you have to admit that they're not the most attractive part of your home — nor the most convenient. To avoid the eyesores of multiple plug-ins, try this inventive gadget that essentially covers up the outlet and hides bulky cords.

Lepotec 30-LED Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

Let there be light! Save on your electricity bill and instantly illuminate dark areas with these motion sensor LED lights. According to the brand, they are easy to install and provide a soft light that is easier on the eyes.

Twelve South AirFly Pro

You don't want to leave the house without this carry-on must-have. The device helps you connect your AirPods to the in-flight entertainment system, so you don't have to use the plane's uncomfortable and cheap earbuds. One Shop TODAY editor tried this device and admitted that the gadget completely transformed her flying experience.

Kami by YI WiFi Wireless Indoor Security Home Camera

Whether you want to enhance security in your home, business or secondary property, these indoor cameras can offer peace of mind while you're away. They're designed with night vision, two-way audio, face detection, phone app connectivity and so much more.

SwitchBot Smart Switch Button Pusher

Want your most-used appliances to turn on exactly when you want them to — without having to get up from bed? Or even be at home? With the SwitchBot, you can do just that; you just need to stick the device next to a switch or button and then connect to the app. According to the brand, it's as easy as that.

Teeho Keyless Entry Door Lock

Left your keys at work? Not a problem! No need to head all the way back to the office. You can easily unlock your door when you have this lock installed. It allows you to create custom codes, so you (or your friends and family members you share them with) can get into your home without a key. You can also set it to lock automatically after you leave, so you won't be left trying to remember if you actually locked the door or not. According to the brand, setup is easy and all it requires is a screwdriver.

UCOMX Nano 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

How do you charge a smartwatch, phone and earbuds with one device, in one spot, with zero cords? No, this is not the beginning of a joke. The answer is this 3-in-1 charger, which is designed to quickly charge your Apple devices without overheating. It can even fold into half the size of an iPhone, making it perfect for transport and for turning into a mini charging pad.

Starument Portable Hand Vacuum Cleaner

If there's one chore that you'd pay good money to make easier, it's cleaning out your car. Thankfully, we found just the tool — without the spending a ton of money part. This portable vacuum is cordless and has a compact design to help you clean those hard-to-reach spots. It's even useful inside the home to get in-between couch cushions and tight corners.

Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you're the kind of person who can't start their day without a cup of hot tea or a pour-over coffee, you'll be able to start your water boiling before you even get out of bed with this smart kettle. It connects to your phone so that you can schedule a time for it to start heating or get the water boiling while you're still in the bedroom. It has preset temperatures for different types of tea and coffee, so you should get the perfect cup every time.

myQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

How often have you had to return home because you were worried you forgot to shut the garage? This smart control device will put your mind at ease since it can open or close your garage from anywhere directly from your phone.