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9 silk face masks that are gentle on your skin

The soft material is less likely to cause acne and irritation.
Woman wearing mask from Johnny Was Five-Piece Silk Charmeuse Face Mask Set
Johnny Was

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably already have quite the collection of face masks. After all, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone wears a face covering, and studies have shown that they can significantly reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. That's why many people have stocked up on a variety of face masks, many of which differ in patterns, colors and designs to make sure they're prepared for any occasion or outfit.

But if you struggle with maskne or dry skin, you might want to consider upgrading the material of your covering and investing in a silk mask. The luxe fabric is gentle on your skin, meaning you likely won't experience as many of those mask-related skin issues, said Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist based in New York City.

"A protective mask creates a humid and warm environment, which can lead to increased sebum and sweat — this can lead to irritation, inflammation and breakouts," King said. "The breathable nature of silk will be less irritating for the skin and less heat and moisture will build up. Silk masks cause less friction and friction-related irritations as well."

Not to mention, for those who already suffer from dry winter skin, silk masks won't exacerbate the issue as much as a traditional covering.

In terms of safety, a study published in "PLOS ONE" in September found that silk masks are just as effective as single-use surgical masks in repelling droplets.

If you're considering making the upgrade, we rounded up nine silk face mask options to buy now.

D'Aire Washable Silk Face Mask

This cute three-layer silk mask has a HEIQ Viro Block finish, which the brand says reduces the ability for bacteria and microbes to survive on fabric.

Slip Pure Silk Adult Pleated Face Covering

Slip is known for its celebrity-loved silk pillowcases and sleep masks, and now they offer an equally luxe face covering. The mask comes in a variety of fun prints and colors.

Mulberry Silk Reusable Sensitive Fashion Face Masks

Silk face masks are definitely an investment, but this is one of the most affordable picks on the list. For less than $10, you can grab this soft mask in 14 different colors.

Roseward 100% Mulberry Silk Face Mouth Mask

Adjustable ear straps ensure that you get the perfect fit with these masks. Plus reviewers love how soft and comfortable these are.

Johnny Was Five-Piece Silk Charmeuse Face Mask Set

You may not be going on an island vacation anytime soon, but this mask set, with five different designs, will make you feel like you're headed to the beach.

Night Mulberry Silk Face Mask & Disposable Filters Set

Experts recommend that you look for a mask that allows you to insert a filter for extra protection. You can choose between seven color options for this chic mask and each one comes with seven disposable filters that can be inserted between the layers.

8 Other Reasons Silky Mask Set

Whether you want a fun pattern or a neutral color that will go with anything, this set has you covered.

Silk Face Mask

Available in a variety of shades like beige, purple, green and white, you can grab one in your favorite colors so you have one to match every outfit.

Amanda Uprichard Silk Face Mask

Whether you're headed out for a socially distanced gathering or running errands, this bold pink mask will be the perfect statement piece to complement any outfit.

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