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Sparse brows? This Olaplex brow serum transformed my eyebrows in 4 weeks

I noticed a change in thickness, length and brow area coverage.
Courtesy of Annie Shigo

In the same way that trendy shoes are the best accessory for an outfit, well-groomed brows are the best addition to any makeup look. Unfortunately, bold brows don't come naturally to all of us. As fast as the hair on my head grows, my eyebrows never seem to catch up. I go months with bald patches that are only hidden by a reliable eyebrow pencil. And without my trusty pencil, my face would feel, well, naked.

Luckily, I have a new secret weapon that has me ditching the pencil and going au naturel. The Olaplex Brow Bond Serum has helped regrow the patchy parts of my brows to give me thicker, longer and more shapely brows. And the best part is that these results aren't even the final outcome!

Olaplex BrowBond Building Serum

What is the Olaplex BrowBond Building Serum?

As an avid user of the Olaplex No.9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum, I had really high hopes for this product, and yet the brand still exceeded my expectations. The Olaplex team offers BrowBond as the answer to "age-defying brows" by using peptides — similar to the ones in their hair bonding products — to grow fuller, denser, and more defined eyebrows. The brand claims that the average user will notice this change in growth in as little as four weeks with continued use.

For best results, Olaplex advises that you use the serum twice a day on clean, dry skin. Once applied to your brows, wait about 90 seconds and then continue with your skin care routine as normal.

What I like about this product

It made my brows denser

Even when my brows grow naturally, I am left with sparse patches that have never fully grown in. Within a week or two of using this product, I noticed growth in those same areas. With continued use, they grew in even more, leading to a fuller-looking brow that I haven't had in years. The increased growth has helped to add more depth to my brows.

Even though my eyebrows are still fairly light, I no longer feel self-conscious going without my brow pencil — which for me, is a huge win.

Courtesy of Annie Shigo

It added shape to my brows

The tails of my eyebrows always seemed to fade out, leaving me with shorter brows than I want. In recent weeks, I have noticed an abundance of growth on the ends of my brows, and with a little shaping, I think I can finally achieve the long brows of my dreams. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a reason to pluck my eyebrows on the ends because there is too much hair!

When I noticed that the serum was adding length to the sparse area of my brows, I started putting the serum farther down my brows to achieve the perfect length I was looking for.

It's residue-free and non-irritating

I have extremely sensitive skin, so much so that the one time I used a "growth serum" on my lashes in high school, my eyes were red for days and I swore off growth products forever (er — until now). I also break out into hives with certain cleansers and creams, so I was paying close attention to how this peptide serum would react with my skin. Spoiler alert: It didn't react at all! I woke up with moisturized brows, and there was no flakey residue that other serums often create.

One reviewer took the words out of my mouth when they said, "It seems to have made a difference in density and thickness, my brows also feel really soft, which I was not expecting."

What to consider

With dozens of five-star reviews, it's safe to say that people do believe this product does the trick to help define and grow their brows. Many reviewers noted how they noticed increased length in their brows and added softness and hold in their brows that they had not had before.

My only note is to trust the process — major growth doesn't happen overnight. The final results are much more gradual. But if you stick to the routine of applying it morning and night, it's likely you'll experience the same growth benefits that I did.

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