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I'm a mom — here are 9 things I'm buying myself for Mother's Day

From a viral lip mask to an Apple Watch, these picks are officially on my list.
Close up of a necklace, Chemex coffee and a coffee cup and the Dagne Dover bag on a stroller
Courtesy Becca Delman

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which typically means it's time for me to start dropping hints to my husband about which gift(s) I want him to give me. But this year, I decided to do something different. Instead, I resolved to simply purchase the items on my wishlist for myself. (Independent women, rise up!).

Since this is a big day — after all, I carried a whole human for nine full months — I made sure to go big with my picks and finally get my hands on all the items I have been dreaming of. After so many sleepless nights, tears, endless laundry, playdates and music classes, it's time to spoil myself.

From a viral lip mask to the tech splurge I've had my eye on for awhile, here are all the products I'll be gifting myself this Mother's Day.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

This will be my second Mother’s Day with my 16-month-old, but for my first one, all I wanted was the gift of sleep. This year — if I'm able to get any sleep — I want it to be on a nice silk pillowcase. This option feels super luxurious and when I found it on Amazon, I knew I had to have it. After using it for a week, I was impressed by how comfortable it was and I have seen a huge difference in how frizzy my hair looks in the morning.

Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask

My nighttime (and honestly daytime) routine went out the window the day I became a mom, and finding time for myself is impossible. My beauty routine was so important to me, so for Mother's Day I bought this viral lip mask to put on every night before bed. It is a small bedside addition, and honestly, so affordable. My lips have never felt softer and this two-second routine has made me feel human again.

Oak And Luna Inez Initial Luna

There is nothing more traditional than a nice piece of jewelry for a big occasion. I knew I wanted a necklace for Mother’s Day (since it's attached to my neck, I can't lose it!). The sentimental value of buying myself a keepsake, plus the fact that it is super cute, sold me on this specific necklace. I put four initials (mine, my husband's, my son's and my dog's) and it made me feel closer to them than ever.

Chemex Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker

My co-workers and my family know the way to my heart is usually a big cup of good coffee. We had a low-budget machine for years and I told myself that if I am waking up every few hours for a screaming baby, I deserve a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning — one that tastes good and keeps me functioning throughout the day.

I love the process of making a Chemex cup of coffee. It is so lightweight, it fits into a small nook in my kitchen and it's just another tool that makes me feel like my home is clean and organized.

Trade Coffee Subscription

With a good coffee tool comes a good coffee roast. I knew that to be the best mom I could be, I needed a coffee subscription so I would hopefully never run out of the goods. I have woken up many times with no Keurig pods and nothing ruins my morning faster than no access to caffeine.

This year I am treating myself to Coffee Trade. This coffee subscription sends you a variety of roasts that are specially curated for you. I have had some samples and they are all delicious and keep me energized throughout the day.

Apple Watch Series 8

As someone who loses her phone regularly (yes, I have left it in the fridge before), the Apple Watch Series 8 was screaming my name. It has a special app for people like me to locate your phone, and I am able to make and pick up calls, check my email and more. This means, no need to bring my phone to the bathroom anymore incase daycare calls since now I have access everywhere I go. Plus, I can wear it to my Orange Theory exercise class and track my workouts. I also love how light it feels on my wrist, and that I never need to panic again if I can't find my phone.

State Lorimer Fanny Pack

I am not one who understands the latest trends, but I am all about the fanny pack or crossbody bag style that I see all the young people wearing. I am always looking for a practical and easy way to access my phone, keys and credit card close to my body. The Lorimer is the perfect size for me and I love that it has two pockets to access items. It goes with athletic wear, business casual and even my grocery shopping sweatpants look on the weekends.

Madewell Button Mini Dress

It wouldn't be a complete gift-giving holiday without buying some new clothes to spruce up my wardrobe. My body significantly changed when I had my son and I feel like I have been replacing my wardrobe with essential items since his birth. As the weather switches from freezing cold to warm, I knew I needed some statement pieces that can work in all seasons. This Madewell dress is so stylish and fits like a glove, making it perfect for me. I can wear it with tights and a jacket and throw on some sandals to complete my look.

Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Bag

Searching for the perfect diaper bag is harder than shopping for a flattering pair of jeans — trust me. I ended up with two bags (one for my car and one for my home, because — well — mom brain is real) and neither made me feel attractive. All the bags are either bulky, too big or too small. When I came across the Indi Diaper Backpack, I knew I needed it. It is sleek and stylish, can fit everything you need for your baby, and makes me feel like a trendy mama. I love the ability to strap it to your stroller, that it has extra zippers for easy access and that it even has room for a laptop.