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I tried Amazon's No. 1 bestselling outdoor sandal — and it was love at first wear

They are quickly becoming my go-to travel shoes of the season.
TODAY Illustration / Tomeka Jones

As someone who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, I'm used to living in extremely hot and humid temperatures. That means, finding the right attire that keeps me comfortable from head to toe is super important. I've got the "head" part covered but finding the right summertime shoe that works for any occasion has been tricky. I'm on my feet several hours a day, so my footwear needs to check all the boxes: comfortable, supportive and stylish (because I'm not one to sacrifice fashion for function).

Luckily, a quick search on Amazon led me to Amazon's bestselling outdoor sandals. They're clearly a customer-favorite with over 15,000 ratings (mostly five stars), so I was willing to jump on the bandwagon and give them a shot.

And let me tell you — it was love at first wear.

Megnya Comfortable Walking Sandals

I love the fit and the look

My first impression of Megnya’s Walking Sandals was, “Oh, these are cute.” The color choices are plentiful with about 22 options. I went with the shade "yellow-brown," but the name doesn't truly reflect their more neutral tones: tan, light brown and gray — very similar to how they look on the Amazon page. I consider them to be "casually cute," and they have a versatile look that pairs well with almost anything. I wouldn't hesitate to wear them with pants, shorts, a T-shirt, blouse or even a summer dress. They look great while I'm running errands in jeans and a tee or enjoying a pool day in my cover-up.

I typically wear between a size 8 to 8.5, though the smaller size of the two fit perfectly. But buyers beware; there’s only one half-size offered — a 10.5. I noticed there’s a bit of extra space at the toe but not much, so it might be better to order a size up if your feet run on the larger side.

TODAY / Tomeka Jones

They're comfortable, yet functional

I spent a lot of time testing the comfort of these shoes by walking up and down three flights of stairs. The braided rope straps never felt constricting because of their stretchy makeup. And in addition to looking stylish, they also feel soft thanks to the adjustable hand-woven nylon cords.

More importantly, these sandals offer great support. Once I hit the pavement, I really felt the durability and quality of the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole. It felt like I was walking on air — a surprisingly great fit for a shoe that goes for less than $35. The cushioned midsole and unbelievable arch support were just what my now-happy feet needed.

The shoes also feature a non-slip outsole, which the brand says is a factor that makes them "perfect" for hikes. I opted for a flat, long-distance nature trail, which included some stairs and walking on small pebbles — I felt nothing but comfort. For a quick second, I even forgot I was wearing sandals since they felt and functioned more like sneakers.

TODAY / Tomeka Jones

One thing to note: The sandals tend to make a soft noise on each step, no matter if you’re walking on pavement, hardwood floors or carpet. It’s likely coming from the rubber soles, which creates a familiar sound you may hear while walking in flip-flops, but I don't find it distracting at all.

The brand also describes the shoes as being “wadable,” so I decided to put them to the test. At first, I was worried the braids would unravel or the soles would fall apart. But after a couple of toe-dips in the pool, the sandals are still intact. I don’t recommend swapping them for swim shoes (and neither does brand), but I've come to learn that these are definitely the shoes to get caught in the rain in. They might feel a little heavy while you’re walking since they absorb water, but they dry quickly and still feel comfortable.

TODAY / Tomeka Jones

These sandals will absolutely be one of my go-to shoes I reach for when traveling, whether I'm walking around town or journeying from city to city. I love how I can quickly slide them on my feet and know I'll feel supported and comfortable all day long.

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