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Bigger, fuller brows are in right now — here's how to get them

Ami Desai shares 7 easy ways to get flawlessly full eyebrows.

As style expert Melissa Garcia told us on yesterday's episode of Shop All Day, big brows are in right now. Just like we all want bigger, fuller lashes, we want fuller brows too — and they're easy to attain.

From brow pencils and tints, to microblading and threading, the buzz around brows is real, which is why beauty and lifestyle expert Ami Desai joined Hoda & Jenna to share everything you need in your beauty toolkit. Not only is Desai sharing what you need, but she's breaking down how to use these tools too.

Keep reading for the ultimate eyebrow guide that takes the guesswork out of glamour.

At-home brow tint

Ardell Brow Tint

This water-based brow tint is free of chemicals and peroxide, so Desai says it's suitable for those with sensitive skin. To use it, all you need to do is combine the powder with the activate, apply it to your brows, wait a few minutes and then wipe it off for a tint that lasts up to two weeks. It includes 12 applications, so the $15 kit covers you for six months.

Brow Gels

Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Gel

If you're too busy for brow care, Desai recommends this 24-hour semi-permanent brow gel. It delivers a subtle tint that lasts all day, along with the sought-after feathery look, after just a few strokes. The more you use it, the more permanent the tint becomes, according to Desai, but there are other benefits to using it; it's made with vitamin B5, which helps stimulate hair growth and strengthen brow hairs.

Guide Beauty Brow Moment

This all-in-one product fills, shapes and locks your brows in every time. The smart grip helps you perfect a more precise arch, so you can customize your shape and look effortlessly. Plus, it comes in three different colors, ranging from light to dark.

Microfilling pens

Benefit Cosmetics Benefit Brow Microfilling Pen

Microblading might sound a little scary, so if you're not ready to take the jump, Desai recommends this pen. It's an affordable and easy at-home alternative that gives your brows a natural-looking fill that stays — for up to 24 hours.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Bite-Size Brow Palette

Who knew $3 could get your brows so far? These mini palettes from e.l.f. include two powders and two waxes, so you can fill your brows in and mold them too.


Vanity Eyebrow Threading Thread

To help your brows maintain shape, Desai says threading is a smart method. Not only does it help remove hair, but the process also removes dirt and dead skin around the brows and hairline. With a little practice, you can nail this at-home method and save yourself some time and money, instead of heading to the salon. Plus, since you're not pulling on your skin like you would if you were waxing, it might be less harsh on your skin.

Brow-enhancing serum

Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

If your brows could use a boost in order to get growing, Desai says this formula from Grande Cosmetics "works great." According to the brand, results from this dermatologist-tested serum are visible in as little as six weeks.

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