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Hilton Carter for Target: 8 best faux plants from the collection

They start at just $10.
Three images of hands holding a planter and plant from the Target x Hilton Carter launch, Hilton Carter holding a plant, and a plater house in gold
TODAY Illustration / Target

Not everyone has been blessed with a green thumb. And if all of your best efforts to deck out your space with greenery have ended with wilted succulents and yellowing houseplants, it may be time to consider an artificial version.

Thankfully, plant stylist and influencer Hilton Carter’s new collaboration with Target is filled with eye-catching and hassle-free faux plants that will have almost anyone who enters your home fooled. But, along beautiful and affordable artificial options, the new collection features products for every kind of plant lover, from gardening tools to chic planters — and even some live greenery for those who prefer the real thing (available exclusively in Target stores).

Below, eight faux plants from the collection that would look great in any space. Plus, we picked a few of our favorite gardening accessories and tools that are perfect for novices and expert plant parents alike.

Hilton Carter for Target faux plants

Faux String of Hearts Plant in Ceramic Pot

Planning on doing a lot of traveling this year? You won’t have to worry about getting someone to check up on your precious plants while you're gone with these faux versions. This lush option will look great hanging in your living room or kitchen, thanks to its long, flowing tendrils of leaves.

Faux Succulent Lamb's Ear Plant in Ribbed Pot

The collection was just released on May 14, but reviewers are already commenting on how realistic this small lamb's ear succulent looks. Plus, at just $10, it’s an easy way to spruce up your space without making a dent in your wallet.

Alocasia Portora Plant in Ribbed Pot

This towering plant will instantly liven up your space with its lush, large green leaves. It comes in a sleek black ceramic pot that will easily blend in with the decor you already have at home.

Faux Monstera Adansonii Plant in Pot with Wood Stand White

Monstera adansonii plants (otherwise known as Swiss cheese plants) are a popular choice, thanks to their unique leaves. But unlike the live plant, you won't have to worry about this faux version wilting or browning when you forget to water it.

Faux Rubber Tree in Ribbed Pot Black

Standing 68-inches tall, this beautiful rubber tree will make a statement in any room. Place it in your entryway or an empty corner to add a pop of color to your space.

Artificial Peperomia Obtusifolia Plant in Ribbed Ceramic Pot

Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to water this plant — it looks so realistic, you may just forget that it's fake. The lush green color and big leaves will look great sitting on your bookshelf or coffee table.

Faux Aglaonema Silver Bay Plant in Ceramic Pot

Aglaonema plants are a stylish choice, but unfortunately, they aren’t pet-friendly. But this one is! Pet parents can rest easy with this faux option, which is just as beautiful as its live counterpart but safe for your furry friend.

Faux Philodendron Birkin Plant with Wood Stand Planter

This faux plant has all the beauty of a Philodendron, without any of the hassle or upkeep. “This faux plant has a stand with a stylish and sleek design,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s modern and effortless in all the best ways possible. As an added perk, it’ll stay this beautiful forever without any effort — which is just the way I like it.”

Hilton Carter for Target plant accessories

Metal Hanging Stem Plant Stand

Already an expert plant parent? Grow your collection of greenery with this chic metal plant stand. It has 18 small vials, which you can use to house plant cuttings and watch each one grow. You can also use the containers to sprout veggie and herb scraps.

Wall Mounted Stoneware Planter

Proudly display your succulents or spring blooms in this unique planter. The trendy design will look like a piece of art when mounted on your wall.

Ceramic Watering Can

Just as beautiful as it is functional, this ceramic watering can has a long spout to ensure the soil is fully hydrated, even those hard-to-reach spots. Plus, it will look great sitting on your shelf or coffee table when it's not in use.

Ribbed Ceramic Stoneware Planter

Give your plants a stylish home with this planter. Available in three sizes, it can house faux or real greenery. It has a small drainage plate, which will make caring for the latter much easier.

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