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Versatile, chic and comfy enough to sleep in — this is my new favorite sweatsuit

It's the only one-and-done outfit I need for fall.
Writer Cailey Rizzo wearing a matching Fixmatti sweatsuit in her house and walking outside
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Cailey Rizzo

From learning new hobbies to figuring out different ways to socialize, there's no denying that we've experienced quite a lot of change over the past 18 months. Even the way we dress has seen a significant transformation, with styles and trends shifting to accommodate a new lifestyle — one focused on staying as comfortable as possible.

For those who have fully transitioned to the work-from-home life, loungewear and activewear (and sometimes pajamas) have become the new office attire. We've even figured out a way to make leisure apparel work for running daily errands and enjoying a night out with friends. The fact remains, we’re just not quite ready to leave comfy wear behind.

Me included! With our social lives changing, and the season along with it, I was on the hunt for the perfect transition outfit. It needed to work for warmer end-of-summer days, colder beginning-of-autumn nights and had to be chic enough to wear for any occasion. I thought I had set myself up for an impossible task, until I stumbled across this Fixmatti Casual Sweatsuit Set.

Fixmatti Casual Sweatsuit Set

Amazon reviewers love the matching crewneck and long pants for their soft material and the flattering silhouette they create. And, yes, the price. If you’re looking for loungewear, this matching sweatsuit will only set you back $34 or less, depending on the style and color of your choosing.

Even before the pandemic, matching sets were trending fashion styles — one I was eager to try. When opting for my own Fixmatti Sweatsuit, I went with Camel, a neutral tan shade that I hoped would make the perfect monochrome nude ensemble.

The two-piece wears like an updated take on the average sweatsuit. The high-waisted cut and roomy pant legs flatter my shape well. I also love the tight-fit sleeve and drop-shoulder design, which give the top a more “pulled together” look.

While walking outside, I styled the sweatsuit by tucking the pant cuff out of sight to give it a cropped look. Paired with a necklace, baseball cap and a cute pair of sandals, the outfit read “celeb caught running errands on an early autumn day.” I had never felt so confident and cool — in a two-piece that could have passed as pajamas, no less!

Writer Cailey Rizzo wearing a matching Fixmatti sweatsuit outside
This sweatsuit feels like I'm wearing an oversized T-shirt — but all over my body.Courtesy Cailey Rizzo

I firmly believe that every look is better with pockets, so I was excited to see that the Fixmatti Sweatsuit included some built-in storage. They are a decent size, spacious enough to carry my phone, keys and some cash. Just be careful not to overload them as that can throw off the lovely silhouette created by the pants.

The set is made from a polyester-rayon-spandex blend, which gives it a comfortable feel. Its material reminds me of wearing my favorite oversized T-shirt, but all over my body. To be completely honest, it’s not the coziest two-piece I own, but it’s certainly one of the stretchiest. I wore the sweatsuit while doing a yoga class at home and had perfect mobility, even while doing my trickiest positions. The looser fit is more forgiving than my regular workout outfit, and it's a great option for days when I don't feel like squeezing into skin-tight clothing. And an unexpected bonus: The tight forearms kept the top from slipping around while I was moving.

Writer Cailey Rizzo wearing a matching Fixmatti sweatsuit in her house
This set is so versatile, I can just as easily wear it for a workout as I could style it for a night out.Courtesy Cailey Rizzo

My favorite thing about this set is how I can mix and match both pieces. They are simple enough that they go with almost anything in my closet. For a night out with friends, I matched the top with a black suede skirt to create a dressier outfit — and it looked amazing. For lounging around the house, I like to pair the pants with a sports bra and call it a day.

It's versatile, too! The set can be worn while exercising, running errands and, yes, even sleeping. It's also a perfect wardrobe addition for the months ahead when the weather cools down. I'm wearing the sweatsuit with sandals now, but in a few months, it’ll look even better with a lightweight jacket thrown over it.

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