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Ease irritating itching with this $5 dermatologist-approved lotion

People say it has also helped with eczema.

If itchy, dry skin is a constant in your life, then it's time to upgrade your skin care products. Winter weather can leave skin feeling tight and dehydrated, but this popular lotion might be the solution you've been looking for.

With over 700 five-star reviews, shoppers are impressed with Curél's Itch Defense lotion. People especially love its light texture and the fact that it's fragrance-free.

Curél Itch Defense Lotion

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mt. Sinai Hospital, told TODAY the lotion's ingredients are moisturizing and beneficial to the skin.

"This lotion contains soothing and hydrating ingredients that are of benefit to people with both dry skin and eczema," Zeichner told us. "It delivers ceramides (a component found in your skin barrier) and cholesterol to the skin, which are known to be decreased when the skin is dry. Natural oils like shea butter and olive oil provide moisture and benefits to soften rough skin cells on the skin’s surface."

Amazon reviewers love the lotion's lack of fragrance, especially those who are sensitive or allergic to certain scents.

"I have very dry, tight skin," wrote a reviewer. "Most lotions are not moisturizing enough for me and I am sensitive to fragrances. This lotion doesn't feel greasy, absorbs well and keeps my skin comfortable."

"Stop your search. If you have large areas of itchy skin, this is the product for you," wrote a reviewer.
"Stop your search. If you have large areas of itchy skin, this is the product for you," wrote a reviewer.Amazon

For others, the lotion has helped provide comfort during the harsh winter season.

"This is an absolute lifesaver in New England winters," praised a reviewer. "I put it on after every shower and it makes winter so much more comfortable! I love that it's fragrance-free so I don't need to worry about anyone's allergies at work, and it won't clash with any fragrance I want to wear on a date night!"

Even those with eczema say they have experienced positive results from the lotion.

"I have eczema and it gets extremely bad in the winter. Out of all the lotions I've tried, this one is by far the best," one reviewer wrote. "I was having an extremely angry skin attack where my skin will turn all red and inflamed. I had just received this in the mail and applied it after taking a shower. It actually relieved the redness instantly, within a couple minutes. I've never seen a lotion do that before."

Pair it with a bestselling foot cream and say goodbye to dry, cracked skin this winter!

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