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Cut the cord with these impressive $45 wireless earbuds

The sound quality is seriously amazing.

If you haven't made the switch to fully wireless earbuds, you're truly missing out. I was a late convert to the cordless phenomenon, but now I'm not sure how I ever lived without them.

I recently splurged for a pair of pricey noise-canceling earbuds from a popular brand. While I absolutely adore them, I wanted a slightly cheaper pair to have on hand when I inevitably forget to charge the other ones.

When I ordered the affordable option from Boltune, I thought they wouldn't hold a candle to my pricier pair. I couldn't have been more wrong because these are worth way more than their $44.99 price tag. Better yet, Amazon currently has a $10 off coupon available, bringing the price down to $35.99!

Boltune Wireless Earbuds

They are super simple to use

If you've never used Bluetooth headphones before, it's super simple. You remove the earbuds from their charging case, open the Bluetooth menu from the settings application on your device, and then tap on the name of the headphones (these appear as "Boltune BT-H020"). The earbuds will then automatically pair with your device every time you take them out of the case!

Speaking of the case, it's super sleek and easy to carry around. I typically get about six hours of use from each charge, and the brand says the charging case holds approximately 34 hours of additional charging time.


The fit and sound quality are superb

Perhaps my favorite feature of these earbuds is the extremely lightweight design. I often forget I even have them in my ears, and they never cause any soreness after wearing them for long periods of time.

The sound quality is also way better than I expected. The bass is surprisingly punchy, and vocals always sound clear and crisp. I wouldn't go so far as to call them "noise-canceling," but their secure fit does a great job at reducing outside sound. I recently wore them on a plane and was surprised at how well I was able to hear my music over the loud noise of the engine.


They come with some helpful extra features

I mostly use them my earbuds for listening to music, but I've also made a few phone calls with them, and that found that the built-in microphone works surprisingly well. My friends and family have had no trouble hearing me, and I love that I can easily take a call without needing to have my phone near me.

Each earbud also includes a small circular button that can be used to control music playback. One press on either side will pause the music, while two presses on the right side will raise the volume, and two presses on the left side will lower it. Pressing three times on the right earbud will skip to the next track, while three presses on the left button will go to the previous track.

The brand also says the earbuds are IPX7 waterproof, meaning they can stand up to rain and sweat.


They are definitely worth it for the price

For less than half the price of more popular brands, these Boltune Wireless Earbuds are a steal. They work seamlessly with all of my devices, and I never have any connection issues.

If you're hesitant about jumping on the wireless bandwagon, these are the perfect way to see what all the fuss is about.

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